!!Evguenii Burov

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!Curriculum vitae

__Academic Subject: __
*Earth Sciences – Geophysics
*Geodynamic Numerical modelling
__Present Posts:__
*Since 1999 Professor (Full, 2nd then 1st class), Lab. of Tectonics, University Pierre et  Marie Curie, Paris, France
__Academic History: __
*1996–1999 Researcher, then Expert at BRGM, Orleans, France
*1999 Habilitation Thesis in Earth Sciences from  the University of Rennes 1
*1992–1996 Post-Doctoral fellow then invited research fellow and assistant professor at Institute of Physics of the Earth of Paris
*1991–1992 Post-Doctoral fellow, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
*1986-1991 Research assistant, then Researcher of 2nd and 1st class at the Institute of Physics of the Earth of Russian(URSS) Academy of Sciences, Moscow
*1990 PhD in Physics et Mathematics, Institute of Physics of the Earth of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
*1980–1986 MSc degree in Physics and Applied Mathematics at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (PhysTech), Dolgoprudni
*Laureate of  “Soirée en Or”  of University of Paris 6: 2009
*Elected to Academia Europaea: 2009
*Ranked 8th on the list of 50 top Russian Scientists Abroad by Newsweek Russian Edition ( 3 – 9 November, no 45(217), 2008)
*Research excellence and tutoring prime of the University Paris 6 : 2008  
*Doctoral tutoring prime of the Ministry of Higher Education (France), for the periods of: 2000- 2004; 2004-2008
*International Lithosphere Programme  «Edward Flinn’s Outstanding Young Scientist 1999 Award», 1999
*ISES Invited lecturer - several times since 1999
*2nd  place at the National Conference of Young Scientists held at the Institute of Operational research of Academy of Sciences of USSR, 1986