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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2009 - present Research Professor,  the Queen's University of Belfast
*2003 -2009  Head of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the Queen's University Belfast
*2000 - 2003       Founder and First Director of CenTACat (Centre for the Theory and Application of Catalysis) in Queen's University Belfast
*1999 - 2003 Professor of Physical Chemistry and Head of Research, School of Chemistry, the Queen's University Belfast
*1990 - 1999  Director of the Catalysis Research Centre and Professor of Catalytic Chemistry, University of Reading, England
*1987 - 1990 Reader in Chemistry, University of Reading, England
*1970 - 1987 Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Reading, England
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Heterogeneous catalysis
*Gas phase reactions
*Mechanistic investigations
*Development of new experimental methodologies for investigating the mechanisms of fast reactions
*Application of new techniques to investigate important industrial catalysts under realistic conditions
__Honours and Awards__
* 2009   Awarded the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) for services to science by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II
* 2007   Awarded the Francois Gault Lectureship of the European Federation of Catalysis Societies
* 2007   Invited Keynote lecturer at Europacat, Oulu, Finland
* 2006   Elected to membership of the Royal Irish Academy
* 2005   Appointed Honorary Professor, East China University of Science and Technology
* 2004   Plenary lecturer at 12th International Conference on Catalysis, Paris, France
* 2003   Awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry Medal for Heterogeneous Catalysis
* 2003   Awarded Institute of Chemical Engineers Innovation Award for Applied Catalysis
* 1991   Awarded Royal Society of Chemistry Medal for Research on Hydrocarbon Oxidation Chemistry.
* 1988   Awarded  D.Sc. by Queen's University Belfast

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