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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2000 Professor of Neuroscience at the Neuronal Survival Unit, Department of Experimental Medical Science, at Lund University, Head of the Department of Experimental Medical Science, Lund University 
*2000	Professor of Experimental Neuropathology at Copenhagen University,  DK 
*1999	Permanent position as Associate professor of Neuroscience at Lund University
*1998	Lecturer in Experimental Medicine at Lund University
*1995-1998	Swedish Medical Research Council research position
*1994	License to practice medicine (läkarlegimitation)
*1992-1994	80% clinical internship, 20% research associate
*1990-1992	Clinical program Lund Medical School
*1988-1990	Post-doctoral position at the Dept of Medical Cell Research, Lund University
*1983-1988	Graduate student (supervisor Anders Björklund)
__Fields of Scholarship__
*neurological disorders of the basal ganglia
__Honours and Awards__
* The Bernard Sanberg Memorial Award for outstanding research contributions in the field of neural transplantation and repair 
* 2003 Awarded the Medal of Honour from the Swedish Parkinson Association 
* 2001 Presented with The Outstanding Young Persons of the World Award for research and academic leadership by the Swedish Junior Chamber 
* 2001 Awarded the Catedra Santiago Grisolía Chair Prize, Valencia, Spain 
* 1999 Awarded Dr Eric K Fernström Foundation's Prize to Young Swedish Scientists 
* 1999 Harvard Macy Program for Leaders in Medical Education, Boston, USA 
* 1994 Awarded the Swedish Medical Research Council grant for young promising scientists 
* 1994 'New Investigator lecture award', Montreal Neurology Institute, Canada 
* 1989 Selected for the inaugural course at the International School of Neuroscience, Italy 
* 1989 Presented with the Oscar II award for best medical thesis in Lund 1988-1989 
* 2008-today Research Council of Huntington's Disease Society 
* 2006-2007 Editorial board of J Neural Transm 
* 2004-today Elected as member of Academia Europea 
* 2003-2004 Head of the Committee for the Clinical/Basic Science Links program, IBRO 
* 2003-2005 Steering committee of the Euro-HD Network 
* 2002-2005 Vice Chairman of SWEMODIS (Swedish Movement Disorder Society), Sweden 
* 2002-2004 Chairman of Phase III Executive Committe, Medical Faculty of Lund University, Sweden 
* 2002-2004 Future Centre Network, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Sweden 
* 2001 Chairman of the Gordon conference entitled 'CAG triplet repeat disorders', July 2001 
* 2000 Co-organiser of the international conference entitled 'The role of mitochondria in apoptosis and neurodegeneration', June 2000 
* 2000 Organizing committee of the international one day sym-posium Stem Cells in the Future Treatment of Movement Disorders 
* 1999-2000 Chairman of the 'Research Strategy 2000 group' at the Medical Faculty in Lund, Sweden 
* 1999 Organizing committee for international conferences entitled 'CAG triplet repeat expansion in neurologic disease' and 'The future of neural grafting in Parkinson's disease' 
* 1999-today Editorial board of Experimental Neurology 
* 1998-today Editorial board of Neuroscience 
* 1998-2002 Section editor for neuroscience in Cell Transplantation 
* 1998-1999 Chairman of the Medical Faculty Information Committee in Lund, Sweden 
* 1997-2000 Chairman of the 'Experimental Work' Group in the EU-sponsored Concertation of the European strategies for intervention in Parkinson's disease with special emphasis on functional neurosurgery (NIPD) 
* 1997-1999 Selection committee for the Lund Graduate School of Biomedical Research, Sweden 
* 1997-1999 Chairman of the Information (IT) committee at the Medical Faculty, Lund University, Sweden 
* 1997-1999 Chairman of the Neurobiology Club in Lund, Sweden 
* 1997 Project evaluation committee for the National Network in Neuroscience, Sweden 
* 1995-1998 Chairman of the 'research education group' at the Department of Physiology and Neuroscience, Lund University, Sweden 
* 1994-today Member of the editorial board of Cell Transplantation 
* 1994-2000 President of NECTAR (Network for European CNS Transplantation and Restoration) 
* 1993-today Advisor to The Myelin Project, USA 
* 1990 Member of the local organizing committee for the inter-national Fernström symposium on Intracerebral transplantation in movement disorders: experimental basis and clinical experiences 
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