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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2001 Canada Research Chair in Quantum Information Science (renewed 2008, 2015)
*1988 Professor, Université de Montréal
*1983 Associate Professor, Université de Montréal
*1979 Assistant Professor, Université de Montréal
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*''Doctor Honoris Causa'':  ETH Zürich (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule), 2010; University of Ottawa, 2014; Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, 2015
*2019 [BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Basic Sciences|https://www.frontiersofknowledgeawards-fbbva.es/noticias/the-bbva-foundation-recognizes-charles-h-bennett-gilles-brassard-and-peter-shor-for-their-fundamental-role-in-the-development-of-quantum-computation-and-cryptography/ ] (together with Charles H. Bennett and Peter Shor) "''for their fundamental role in the development of quantum computation and cryptography''"
*2019 Micius Quantum Prize
*February 2019 Inaugural Chaire du Québec, Académie royale de Belgique
*2018 Wolf Prize for Physics (together with Charles H. Bennett) "''for founding and advancing the fields of Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Teleportation''". 
*2017 Officer of the Ordre national du Québec
*2016 Lifetime Achievement Award in Computer Science, CS-Can/Info-Can:the Canadian society for computer science
*2013 Officer of the Order of Canada
*2013 Fellow of the Royal Society of London
*2013 Prix d’excellence, FRONT
*2012 Creation of NSERC Gilles Brassard Doctoral Prize for Interdisciplinary Research
*2012 Thomson Reuters Citation Laureate (their “picks” for the Nobel Prize)
*2011 Killam Prize for Natural Sciences, Canada Council
*2010 Doctorate Honoris Causa, ETH Zürich
*2009 Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering (highest scientific honour in Canada), NSERC
*2008 Personality of the year 2007 in information technology, Federation de l'informatique du Québec, OCTAS
*2006 Award of excellence, NSERC
*2006 Fellow, International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR)
*2006 Rank Prize in Opto-Electronics, United Kingdom
*2002 Fellow, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR)
*2000 Prix Marie-Victorin (highest scientific recognition by Government of Québec)
*1998 Foreign member, Latvian Academy of Sciences
*1997 Killam Research Fellow, Canada Council
*1996 Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, Academy of Science
*1995 Scientist of the Year, La Presse (leading daily newspaper in Montréal)
*1994 Steacie Prize, National Research Council of Canada
*1992 Prix Urgel-Archambault, ACFAS
*1992 E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship, NSERC
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