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__Present and Previous Positions__
* 2010 Full Professor Classe Exceptionnelle at Institut National Polytechnique de Touloue - University of Toulouse
* 2004 Full Professeur 1ère Classe 
* 1999 Full Professeur 
* 1991 Associate Professor 
* 1989 Posdoctoral Researcher
__Fields of Scholarship__
* Plant Biotechnology
* Fleshy Fruit development
* Fruit set
* Fruit ripening
* Hormones signaling and response
* Fruit genomics
* Transcriptional regulation
* Transcriptomics
* High throughput sequencing
__Honours and Awards__
*2013 Novela award  of the city of Toulouse which honors distinguished scientists for outstanding work in my case the accomplishment of the tomato genome sequencing
*2011 Officier des Palmes Académiques . This distinction is awarded by the Prime Minister on the proposal of the Minister of Education to honor the most deserving members of the French university.
*2010 I have been awarded the title of Guangbiao Professeur Chair by the University of Zhejiang (ranking 3rd in China) a distinction given to outstanding scientists in their field of research.

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