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!Curriculum vitae

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*1977 - Ph.D., Free University of Brussels
*1979 - Habilitation Degree, Free University of Brussels
*Research Fellowship in Belgium NSF (NFWO), 1975-1981
*Professor at Free University of Brussels, 1981-1985
*J.L. Doob Professor of Mathematics, University of Illinois, 1985-2006
*Professor a IHES (France), 1985-1995
*Lady Davis Professor of Mathematics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1988
*Fairchild Distinguished Professor, Caltech, 1991
*Professor IAS, 1994-
*Alumni Prize, Belgium NSF, 1979
*Empain Prize, Belgium NSF, 1983
*Salem Prize, 1983
*Damry-Deleeuw-Bourlart Prize (awarded by Belgian NSF), 1985(quintesimal Belgian Science Prize)
*Langevin Prize (French Academy), 1985
*E. Cartan Prize (French Academy), 1990 (quintesimal)
*Dr. H.C. Hebrew University, 1991
*Ostrowski Prize, Ostrowski Foundation (Basel-Switzerland), 1991 (biannual)
*Fields Medal, ICM Zurich, 1994
*Dr. H.C. Universit´e Marne-la-Vallee (France), 1994
*Dr. H.C. Free University of Brussels (Belgium), 1995
*Associ´e Etranger de l’Academie des Sciences, 2000
*Foreign Member of the Polish Academy, 2000
*Foreign Member Academia Europaea, 2008
*Foreign Member Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2009
*International Congress invited speaker:
*International Congress of Mathematics, Warsaw (1983), Berkeley (1986), Zurich (1994)- plenary
*International Congress on Mathematical Physics, Paris (1994), Rio (2006) - plenary
*European Mathematical Congress, Paris (1992), Amsterdam (2008) - plenary
__Lecture Series:__
*A. Zygmund Lectures, Univ. of Chicago (1989)
*R de Francia Memorial Lectures, Univ. Autonoma, Spain (1991)
*Colloquium Lectures AMS (1994)
*A. Ziwet Lectures, Univ. of Michigan (1995)
*1IAS/Park City Lectures, Park City (1995)
*Distinguished Lecture Series, UC, Irvine (2000–2001)
*Fields Lectures, Toronto (2004)
*T. Wolff Memorial Lectures, Caltech (2004)
*Landau Lectures, Hebrew University, Jerusalem (2005)
*Trjitzinsky Memorial Lectures, Univ. of Illinois (2005)
*Goran Gustafsson Lectures, KTH (2010)
*ICM 1998: Chair Analysis section
*ICM 2002: Fields Medal committee
*Salem Prize, 1985 –
*Michael Brin Prize in Dynamical Systems, 2007 –
__Editorial Board:__
*Annals of Mathematics
*Journal de l’Institut de Math. de Jussieu
*Publications Math´ematiques de l’IHES
*International Mathematical Research Notices
*Geometrical and Functional Analysis (GAFA)
*Journal d’Analyse de J´erusalem
*Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems
*Journal of Functional Analysis
*Duke Journal of Mathematics
*Journal of the European Mathematical Society
*Comptes Rendus Academie Sciences, Paris
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