!!Hans-Georg Bohle - Curriculum vitae
*Professor Emeritus
*2004 - 2013 Professor and Chair for Cultural Geography and Development Geography at the Geography Department, University of Bonn
*1991-1992 Visiting Professor, Department of Geography, University of California, Berkeley, USA	
*1989-1995 Full Professor (C4), Director of Institute for Cultural Geography, University of Freiburg	
*1986-1989 Associate Professor (C2), Institute for Cultural Geography, University of Freiburg	
*1985 Postdoctoral Lecture Qualification (Habilitation), Institute of Geography, University of Göttingen. Thesis:	‘Südindische Wochenmarktsysteme. Theoriegeleitete Fallstudien zur Geschichte und Struktur polarisierter Wirtschaftskreisläufe im ländlichen Raum der Dritten Welt’ [[Weekly market systems in Southern India. Theory-based case studies of the history and structure of polarised economic cycles in rural third world regions]	
*1979-1986 Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Institute of Geography, University of Göttingen	
*1979 PhD, Institute of Geography, University of Göttingen. Thesis:‘Bewässerung und Gesellschaft im Cauvery-Delta (Südindien). Eine geographische Untersuchung über historische Grundlagen und jüngere Ausprägung struktureller Unterentwicklung’ [[Irrigation and society in the Cau-very-Delta (Southern India). A geographical analysis of the historical causes and recent effects of structural underdevelopment]	
*1977-1979 Research Assistant, Institute of Geography, University of Göttingen
*Since 2002	Member, European Academy of Science, London, UK	
*Since 2006	Foundation Chairholder ‘Social Vulnerability’ Munich Re Foundation at United Nations University, Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) at Bonn	
*Since 2007	Elected Member of the “Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina” 
*Since 2007	Awarded the Graf-von-Linden-Medaille of the “Gesellschaft für Erd- und Völkerkunde zu Stuttgart e.V.” in recognition of his merits in the field of Human Geography
__Membership and executive functions in scientific societies, research institutions and committees__
*2009	Appointed Member, Stiftungsrat der Münchener Rück Stiftung, München
*2006 -	Elected Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Global Environmental Change and Food Systems (IHDP-GECAFS), Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP) Core Pro-gram, London
*2003 - Elected Member, Steering Committee Global Environmental Change and Human Security (IHDP-GECHS), Oslo, Core Program of IHDP	
*Appointed Member, Indo-German Consultative Group, appointed by German Foreign Office to advise Heads of States in Indo-German Cooperation	
*2002-2005 Elected Member, International Scientific Advisory Board, Swiss National Centre for Competence in Research NCCR North-South, Bern (CH)	
*2001 - Elected Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Deutsches Komitee für Katastrophenvorsorge (German Committee for Disaster Prevention)	
*2002-2003 Elected Member, Committee on Disaster Research, International Council of Sciences	
*1999	Team Leader, Disaster Diagnosis South Asia, for European Commission Humanitarian Organization (ECHO)	
*1998-2000 Elected Member, Executive Committee, International Social Science Council	
*1996-2000 Founding Member, Committee on Sciences for Food Security, International Council of Sciences (ISCU)	
*1996-2000 Elected Member, IGU Task Force on Vulnerability	
*1996-2000 Member, Scientific Review Committee, Bavarian Research Network FORAREA	
*1992-2001 Member, UN International Decade on Natural Disaster Reduction, ICSU. Drought Hazard Assessment Group	
*1992-1996 Chairman, IGU Commission on Vulnerable Food Systems	
*1988-1992 Chairman, IGU Study Group on Vulnerable Food Systems
__Editor/Member of advisory board for scientific publications__
*2001 - Member of editorial board, Internationales Asienforum	
*1998 -	Member of editorial board, Die Erde
*1997 - Member of scientific advisory board, Indian Geographical Journal (Madras)	
*1993 - Founder and Editor, Freiburg Studies in Development Geography [[Freiburger Studien zur Geographischen Entwicklungsforschung]; since 2001 Studies in Development Geography [[Studien zur Geographischen Entwicklungsforschung) (with Prof. Thomas Krings, Freiburg]
__Organization of international conferences__
*2009	Workshop “Human Health and the Environment” (DFG), Bonn
*2009	Fifth International Lecture in Development Geography with Prof. Dr. Neil Adger, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of East Anglia, Norwich UK: “The unlikely transformation of societies in response to climate change”, University of Bonn
*2008	Fourth International Lecture in Development Geography with Prof. Dr. Stuart Corbridge, London School of Economics and Political Science: “Abstract space, differential space and ungovernable spaces: The politics of economic reform in eastern India”, University of Bonn
*2007	Third International Lecture in Development Geography with Prof. Dr. Roger E. Kasperson, Clark University, USA: "Bridging science and practice. Accelerating progress towards environmental sustainability”, University of Bonn
*2006	Second International Lecture in Development Geography with Prof. Dr. Michael Watts, University of California, Berkeley: “Imperial Oil”, University of Bonn
*2005	First International Lecture in Development Geography with Prof. Dr. Doreen Massey, Open University England: “Space, time and political responsibility in the midst of global inequality”, University of Bonn
*2004	Zwischen Karakorum und Kalimantan. Netzwerkbildung und Hochschulen in Süd- und Südostasien (DAAD), Bonn
*1998	Combating Famine in a Changing World. Famine between Subsistence and Market Economy (IGU), Freiburg	
*1996	The Geography of Vulnerable Food Systems (IGU), Den Haag (NL)	
*1995	Latin American Food Systems in Transition: Challenges and Problems”. (IGU), Havana, (KUB)	
*1995	The geographical Dimensions of Food Security in Developing Coutries (IGU). El Fashir (SUD)	
*1994	Drought Management (FAO) Session of the World Conference on IDNDR, Yokohama (JAP)	
*1994	Drought Hazard Assessment. Planning Session for IDNDR (ICSU), Prague (CS)	
*1993	Climate Change and World Food Security (NATO, co-organizer), Oxford (UK)	
*1993	Metropolitan Food Systems in Developing Countries (IGU, in conjunction with International Union on Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences), Mexico City (MEX)	
*1992	Dynamics of Social Groups most vulnerable to Famine (IGU), Boston (USA)	
*1992	Challenges for Food Research in the 1990s (IGU), Washington (USA)	
*1991	Famine Vulnerability and most critical Regions / Places (IGU), El Minia (EG)	
*1990	Land Use, Rural Systems and Food Problems (IGU), Peking (CHN)