!!Horst Bishof - Selected Publications

Harzing Publish or Perish:  h=38, g=60;  500 Publications, over 5.000 citations
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__Most cited paper:__
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Horst Bischof, Werner Schneider, and Axel Pinz. Multispectral classification of landsat-images
using neural networks. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 30(3):482-490,
1992. (353 cites).
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__Recent work with high impact:__
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R. Beichel, H. Bischof, F. Leberl, and M. Sonka. Robust active appearance models and their
application to medical image analysis. IEEE Trans. Medical Imaging, 24(9):1151-1169, 2005.
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R. Donner, M. Reiter, G. Langs, P. Pelloscheck, and H. Bischof. Fast active appearance model
search using canonical correlation analysis. IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine
Intelligence, 28(10):1690-1694, 2006.
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H. Grabner and H. Bischof. On-line boosting and vision. In Proc. of CVPR 2006, volume I,
pages 260-267. IEEE CS, 2006.
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T. Pock, M. Pock, and H. Bischof. Algorithmic differentiation: Application to variational problems
in computer vision. Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 29(7):1180-1193, 2007.
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Ch. Zach, T. Pock, and H. Bischof. A duality based approach for realtime TV-L1 optical
flow. In F. A. Hamprecht, Ch. Schnörr, and B. Jähne, editors, Pattern Recognition, volume
4713, pages 214-223. Springer, 2007.
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G. Langs, P. Peloschek, H. Bischof, and F. Kainberger. Model based erosion spotting and
visualization in rheumatoid arthritis. Academic Radiology, 14(10):1179-1188, 2007.
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R. Pflugfelder and H. Bischof. Localization and trajectory reconstruction in surveillance cameras
with non-overlapping views. IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence,
32(4):709-721, 2010.
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T. Pock, D. Cremers, H. Bischof, and A. Chambolle. Global solutions of variational models
with convex regularization. SIIMS, 3(4):1122-1145, 2010.