!!Bernard Barbara - Curriculum Vitae
*2008 - Emeritus Director of Research at CNRS, Grenoble\\
*1993 - Directeur de Recherches 1ere Classe, CNRS, Laboratoire Louis Néel, Grenoble\\
*1982 - Maître de Recherches (Directeur de Recherche 2 eme Classe), CNRS, Lab. Louis Néel, Grenoble.\\
*1980 - 1981 Invited Scientist at IBM Yorktown Heights, NY, USA\\
*1973 - Chargé de Recherches au CNRS, LEPM, Laboratoire Louis Néel, Grenoble.\\
*1972 - State Doctorate (PhD), University of Grenoble, France\\
*1970 - Attaché de Recherches au CNRS, Laboratoire d'Electrostatique et de Physique du Métal (LEPM), Grenoble\\
*1968 - 3rd Cycle Doctorate, University of Grenoble, France\\
*1966 - Physics Diploma (DEA), University of Grenoble, France
*Former scientific adviser at the CEA, and at the French ministry of science (ANR grants, AERES) \\
*Former panel member at the European Research Council for advanced ERC-grants
__Salient discoveries and main subjects initiated and developed further are:__
*Discovery of a new type of domain walls and their magnetization process (“narrow domain walls”, 1970)\\
*Intrinsic pinning of arrow domain walls (1970-1973)\\
*Discovery of the 1/H relaxation law of high anisotropy systems (combining wall-nucleation and pinning)\\
*Experimental evidence for a first order transition in the 3d-3q Pott’s model (1975)\\
*First studies of the competition between magnetic-order/Kondo-effect, precursor of “heavy fermions” (1975)\\
*Evidence and nature of the phase transition of spin-glasses (divergence, scaling of the non-linear X (1981). \\
*Significant works on random anisotropy magnets, weak-localisation…(1985)\\
*ntroduction of micro-SQUID sensors in magnetism, first single nano-particles measurements.\\
*Unique studies of single nano-particle and first demonstration of the bases of nano-magnetism (1993-1996, awaited for more than 50 years) \\
*Isolated search and studies of the phenomenon of “quantum tunnelling at the macroscopic scale” in magnetism (more recently called “mesoscopic scale”) (domain walls, films, nanoparticles) (1970-1990).\\
*Evidence for the phenomenon of mesoscopic quantum tunneling of the magnetization in Mn12-ac, emergence of the new field of quantum spin relaxation (1996), see e.g. K. Ziemelis, Nature, Milestones on Spin, S19, 2008.\\
*Extension of this field to single paramagnetic rare-earth ions; nuclear spins driven tunnelling of the total angular momentum of rare-earths and of the macroscopic dynamics (2001 ).\\
*Pulsed EPR measurements showing the crossover between quantum relaxation (strong decoherence) and quantum coherence (weak decoherence) in rare-earth ions and in the low-spin SMM V15 (2006-2008). \\
*Quantitative study of decoherence of Rabi oscillations. Study of decoherence etc   \\
*Classical Landau-Zener model (2012)     \\