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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2008 - present Department of Medicine, Harvard University, Lecturer on Medicine
*2007 - present Center for Complex Network Research, Northeastern University, Director
*2007 - present Northeastern University, Departments of Physics, Biology and Engineering, Distinguished University Professor
*2005 - present University of Notre Dame, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
*2000 - 2007 University of Notre Dame, Emil T. Hofman Professor
*2004 - 2007 Center for Complex Network Research, University of Notre Dame, Director
*2005 - 2006 Harvard University, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Visiting Professor Assistant
*1999 - 2000 University of Notre Dame, Associate Professor
*2000, Institute of Advanced Studies, Collegium Budapest, Senior Fellow
*1995 - 1999 University of Notre Dame, Assistant Professor
*1994 - 1995 IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center, Physical Sciences Department, Postdoctoral Associate
*1992 - 1994 Boston University, Research Assistant
*1991 - 1992 Boston University, Teaching Assistant
*1989 - 1991 Research Institute for Technical Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Research Assistant
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*1997 NSF CAREER Award
*1998 ONR Young Investigator Award
*1999 Distinguished Scholar Lecturer, College of Science, University of Notre Dame
*2001 Nivo Prize for the best physics article, Fizikai Szemle (Hungary)
*2002 Presidential Award, University of Notre Dame
*2003 Fellow of the American Physical Society
*2003 Fellow of the American Physical Society
*2004 Barton Childs Lecture, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
*2004 Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
*2005 FEBS Anniversary Prize for Systems Biology
*2006 John Von Neumann Medal and Award for Computer Science
*2006 Media Legend Award, University of Notre Dame
*2007 Member of the Academia Europae
*2008 C&C Prize Recipient, NEC C&C Foundation
*2009 APS Outstanding Referee
*2009 Cozzarelli Prize, National Academies of Sciences, USA
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