!!Antoine Bailly
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!A short laudatio by Jorge Gaspar
Professor Antoine Bailly has achieved excellence in scholarship and research but also in such
arenas as institution building, international relations, teaching, leadership and in several
hobbies including alpine skiing, mountain climbing and cycling, As such he serves as an
exemplar of human achievement and a model for all of his colleagues.
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Antoine Bailly's scholarly contributions have first been recognized in the 70's and 80's in the francophone world, His textbooks in geography and regional science were best sellers with translations in Italian and Spanish. His pioneer works in behavioural geography, geography
of well being and spatial medicometry found a broad recognition. He has published in
English and other languages in the 90's and there can be no mistake that his 300 journal
articles and 32 books are a testament to a life of intense, serious and creative scholarship that
has contributed broadly and deeply to geography, regional science, planning, philosophy of
sciences and medical analytical methodology. At the same time he made many and rich
contributions in the form of service to these fields, various universities and other
organizations in the form of institution building and capacity expansion. He chaired the
Social Sciences section of the University of Geneva and became president of the University
Council. In regional science he chaired 3 associations and Regional Science International to
promote the concept of "universal rnembership". He was also active in many planning
institutions in Switzerland, France, and European Union.