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Christel Baier has an h-index 26, 3085 citations according to Harzing's publish or perish (2011).
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__Major Publications__
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C.Baier, M.Sirjani, F.Arbab, J.Rutten. ''Modelling Component Connectors
in Reo by Constraint Automata''.\\
Science of Computer Programming, Volume 61, pp 75-113, 2006.
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C. Baier, N. Bertrand, P. Schnoebelen: ''Verifying Nondeterministic Probabilistic
Channel Systems against omega-regular Linear Time Properties''. \\
ACM Transactions on Computational Logic, Volume 9(1), 2007.
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C. Baier, N. Bertrand, P. Bouyer, T. Brihaye, Marcus Groesser. ''Probabilistic
and Topological Semantics for Timed Automata''.\\
27th Conference on Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical
Computer Science (FSTTCS), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4855, pp 179-191,
\\ \\
C. Baier, J-P. Katoen. ''Principles of Model Checking'', MIT Press, 2008.
C. Baier, N. Bertrand, M. Groesser. ``On Decision Problems for Probabilistic
Buechi Automata''.
\\ \\
11th International Conference on Foundations of Software Science and Computation
Structures (FOSSACS)\\
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4962, pp 287-301, 2008. (ETAPS Best Theory Paper Award)
\\ \\
F.Arbab, C.Baier, F.de Boer, J.Rutten: ''Models and Temporal Logical Specifications
for Timed Component Connectors''. \\
Software and Systems Modelling, Volume 6(1),
pp 59--82, 2007.
\\ \\
C.Baier, M. Groesser, F. Ciesinski. ''Model Checking Linear Time Properties
of Probabilistic Systems''.\\
Handbook of Weighted Automata, Monographs in Theoretical Computer Science,
M. Droste, W. Kuich, H. Vogler (Editors), Springer-Verlag. 2009.
\\ \\
C. Baier, B. Haverkort, H. Hermanns, J.P. Katoen. ''Performance Evaluation
and Model Checking Join Forces''\\
Communications of the ACM, Volume 53(9), pp 76-85, 2010.
\\ \\
C. Baier, L. Cloth, B. Haverkort, H. Hermanns, J.P. Katoen. ''Performability
Assessment by Model Checking of Markov Reward Models''.
\\ Formal Methods
in System Design, Volume 36(1), pp 1-37, 2010.
\\ \\
S. Klueppelholz, C. Baier: ''Alternating-Time Stream Logic for Multi-Agent
Science of Computer Programming (SCP), Volume 75(6), pp 398-425, 2010.