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Total SCI publications 86\\
Average citation per paper 6.17\\
Total conference theses and proceedings 142
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1. Optical Polarization of Molecules, Marcis Auzinsh, Ruvin Ferber,Cambridge
University Press,
2005, (first edition 1995), 322pages (ISBN-10: 0521673445; ISBN-13: 9780521673440)
\\ \\
2. Optically polarized atoms: understanding light-atom interactions,Marcis
Auzinsh, Dmitry Budker,
and Simon M. Rochester,Oxford University Press, 2010, 380 pages(ISBN-10:
0199565120; ISBN-
13: 978-0199565122)
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__Representative review papers__
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1. E. B. Alexandrov, M. Auzinsh, D. Budker, D. F. Kimball, S. M. Rochester,
V. V. Yashchuk, Dynamic
effects in nonlinear magneto-optics of atoms and molecules, J. Opt. Soc.
Am. B Vol. 22, No. 1/January
2005, 7 – 20,
\\ \\
2. Auzinsh, M., Angular momenta dynamics in magnetic and electric field:
Classical and quantum
approach. Canadian Journal of Physics, 1997. 75(12): p. 853-87
Representative research papers
1. M. Auzinsh, R. Ferber, F. Gahbauer, A. Jarmola, L. Kalvans, A. Papoyan,
D. Sarkisyan; Nonlinear
magneto-optical resonances at D1 excitation of 85Rb and 87Rb in an extremely
thin cell; Physical
Review A 81, 033408, 2010, 10 pages
\\ \\
2. M. Auzinsh, E. I. Dashevskaya, I. Litvin, E. E. Nikitin and J. Troe,
Lambda-Doubling Spectroscopy in
the Low-Temperature Capture of NO(X2?1/2) in Low Rotational States by C+
Ions, The Journal of
Chemical Physics, 014304, 2009, 10 pages
\\ \\
3. M. Auzinsh, D. Budker, S. Rochester, Light-induced polarization effects
in atoms with partially
resolved hyperfine structure and applications to absorption, fluorescence,
and nonlinear magnetooptical
rotation, Phys. Rev. A80, 053406, 2009, 22 pages
\\ \\
4. M. Auzinsh, K. Blushs, R. Ferber, F. Gahbauer, A. Jarmola, M. Tamanis,
Electric field induced
hyperfine level-crossings in (nD)Cs at two-step laser excitation: experiment
and theory; Optics
Communications, special issue, Quantum Control of Light and Matter – In
honor of the 70th birthday of
Bruce Shore, 264 , 2006, 333–341
\\ \\
5. Marcis Auzinsh, Kaspars Blush, Ruvin Ferber, Florian Gahbauer, Andrey
Jarmola, and Maris Tamanis,
Electric Field Induced Symmetry Breaking of Angular Momentum Distribution
in Atoms, Physical
Review Letters, 97, 043002, 2006
\\ \\
6. M. Auzinsh, D. Budker, D. F. Kimball, S. M. Rochester J. E. Stalnaker,
A. O. Sushkov, V. V. Yashchuk,
Can a quantum nondemolition measurement improve the sensitivity of an atomic
Physical Review Letters, 93 (17) 173002, 2004