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__Present and Previous Positions__
* 2008 Honorary Professor at the Rupprechts-Karl-Universität Heidelberg
* 2007 Senior Scientist, Developmental Biology Unit, EMBL
* 2006 Group Leader, Developmental Biology Unit, EMBL
* 2002 Team Leader, Developmental Biology Unit, EMBL
* 1998 Postdoctoral fellow at the EMBL
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Evolution and development
*Evolution of animals
*Evolution of the nervous system
*Evolution of cell types
*Annelid development
__Honours and Awards__
*1998 - 2000 EMBO Long Term Fellowship
*2011 Kowalewsky medal, awarded annually by the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists for extraordinary achievements in evolutionary developmental biology and comparative zoology
*2012 - 2017 Advanced Grant European Research Council, “ERC Investigator”. Project: “BrainEvoDevo”
*2015 Member of the European Molecular Biology Organisation

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