!!Franklin Ankersmit - Short biography

I was born in 1945 in Deventer (The Netherlands), studied physics and mathematics
for three years in Leiden; then followed two years of military service.
Afterwards I studied both history (MA in 1973) and philosophy (MA in 1977)
in Groningen. I received my PhD in philosophy in 1981. Since 1974 I have
held different positions at the History Department of Groningen University.
I do contribute with a certain regularity to the public debate in my
country and had/have columns in several periodicals.
\\ \\
I am founder and Chief editor of the ''Journal of the Philosophy of History''
(2007 …) aiming at re-establishing contact between philosophy of history
and philosophy of language Co-editors are Mark Bevir (Berkeley), Jeff
Malpas (UTAS) and Paul Roth (UCSC).
\\ \\
My main fields of interest are aesthetics, philosophy of history and political
philosophy. I published in these fields some fifteen books, edited some
ten more and wrote over twohundred articles. Some of these books and essays
were translated into German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Finnish,
Turkish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Indonesian and Chinese.