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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2017 - present Distinguished Professor, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China
*2017 - present Emeritus Professor of the Highest Rank (DRCE 2 CNRS); CNRS and ENS
*2007 - 2017 CNRS Full Professor of the Highest Ranks (DRCE, 1 & 2); CNRS and ENS
*2001 - 2007 Full Professor of the Highest Ranks (PRCE, 1 & 2); University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) and ENS 
*1984 - 1990 CNRS Professor (DR2); CNRS and ENS, Department of Chemistry, Paris, France
*1982 - 1983 CNRS-NSF Research Assistant Professor; Indiana University at Bloomington, USA, with Prof. Jay K. Kochi
*1979 - 1982 CNRS Associate Professor (CR 1); CNRS and University Paris Diderot, Paris, France
*1975 - 1979 CNRS Assistant Professor (CR 2); CNRS and University Paris Diderot, Paris, France
*1974 - 1975 Assistant Professor, Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS), Department of Chemistry, Paris, France
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*1992 Prize La Caze of Academic des sciences
*1993 Silver Medal CNRS 
*1997 Distinguished Research Fellow, Japanese Society for Promotion of Science 
*2000 Distinguished Scientist oi‘University of Pittsburgh (USA)
*2001 Debye Lecturer of Cornell University (USA)
*2002 Fellow of Académie des sciences 
*2006 Hinshelwood Lecturer Oxford University 
*2002 Reilley Award of Society for ElectroAnalytical Chemistry (USA)
*2005 de Broglie Medal of Academia dei Lincei 
*2006 Bourke Medal of Royal Society 
*2007 Galvani Medal of Societa Chimica Italiana  `
*2007 Faraday Medal of Royal Society of Chemistry 
*2008 Durham Lecturer of the Year (Durham University)
*2009 International Lecturer of the Year (The Romanian Academy of Sciences)
*2014 Bridiscka Lecture Award, (Heyrovsky Institute)
*2013 Centennial Texas Lecturer (Austin)
*2013 Distinguished Lecturer of the Year (Hubei Province, China)
*2013 International Lecturer of the Year (The Royal Society)
*2014 Breyer Medal (The Royal Australian Chemical Institute)
*2015 Heyrovsky Lecture Award (Charles University)
*2015 G.F. Smith Award Memorial Lecturer (Urbana Champaign)
*2015 The BCEIA Distinguished Award (Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis)
*2016 Volta Medal (The Electrochemical Society)
*2016 Odd Hassel Lecturer (University of Oslo, Norway)
*2016 Honorary Fellow (Chemistry Europe)
*2016 The Electrochemical Society Lecturer (The Electrochemical Society)
*2017 The Career Excellence Award (The Electrochemical Society)
*2017 Knight Memorial Lecturer (Akron University)
*2017 Costin D. Nenitescu Medal (Romanian Society of Chemistry)
*2018 Grotius Medal (Lithuanian Chemical Society)
*2019 Jaroslav Heyrovsky Medal (The International Society of Electrochemistry)
*2019 Lavoisier Medal (French Chemical Society)
*2021 Gold Medal (The International Society of Electrochemistry & Electrochimica Acta)
*2023 Coetzee Lecturer) (Pittsburgh University, USA)
*Honorary Professor /DHC of several Universities (Europe, Asia)
*Member of Société Chimique Francaise
*Member of Society of ElectroAnalytical Chemistry
*Fellow of International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)
*Knighthoods in French Republic Orders: 
**2006 Knight in The Order of Merit (French Republic)
**2010 Knight in The Order of The Legion of Honour (French Republic)
**2011 Knight in The Order of The Academic Palms (French Republic)
**2019 Officer in The Order of The Academic Palms (French Republic)
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