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__Present and Previous Positions__
*since 2009 Deputy Director of the Institut Curie, Research Center for Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-graduate Educational Programme
*2000 Senior Investigator (DRCE), Institut Curie, Paris (France). Head of Unit "Nuclear Dynamics and Genome Plasticity", UMR218
*1999 Senior Investigator, Institut Curie, Paris (France). Head of Unit, Genotoxicology and Modulation of the Gene Expression, UMR218
*1994-1998 Senior research scientist and CNRS ATIPE, Junior group leader, Institut Curie, Paris (France). UMR 144
*1991-1993 Long term postdoctoral Fellow, NIH, Bethesda (USA). Lab. of Dr. A. Wolffe
*1989-1993 CNRS Junior research scientist, Jacques Monod Institute, Paris (France). Lab. of Dr. M. Méchali
*1988-1989 Short term post-doctoral Fellow, NIH, Bethesda (USA). Lab. of Dr. A. Wolffe
__Fields of Scholarship__
*DNA damage and repair
__Honours and Awards__
*1980-1985 Fellowship from ENS 
*1985-1987 Special ENS Doctoral fellowship (combining teaching at University of Paris 6) 
*1987-1988 Fellowship from  the Association of Cancer Research (ARC) 
*1991-1993 Long term fellowship from EMBO for post-doctoral visit 
*1996 ATIPE CNRS Junior group leader position at the Curie Institute, Paris (France)  
*2000 Elected EMBO Member 
*2000 Silver Medal from the CNRS 
*2003 Prize from La Ligue contre le Cancer, Comité des Yvelines 
*2003 Member of the "Faculty of 1000 Biology" 
*2005-2010 Elected as a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the EMBL Laboratory 
*2006 Special Scientific Prize attributed by the Institut de France / Fondation "Cino et Simone del Duca" 
*2007 Elected as a member of Academia Europaea 
*2007 Chevalier de l'Ordre du Mérite 
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