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Sture Allén passed away June 20, 2022.
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__Positions Held__
*1986 - 1999 Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy 
*1982 Rector of Göteborg University, Sweden
*1980 - 1986 Prorector of Göteborg University, Sweden
*1979 - 1993 Professor of Computational Linguistics (first holder), Gothenburg University,  (3/4 off duty 1986 - 1993)      
*1972 - 1979 Professor of Computational Linguistics (first holder), Swedish Humanistic Research Council 
*1970 - 1972 Associate Professor of Computational Linguistics, Swedish Humanistic Research Council
*1965 - 1970 Assistant Professor and, periodically, Acting Professor of Scandiavian Philology, Gothenburg University        
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*1966 Henrik Ahrenberg Prize
*1976 Member, Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences of Gothenburg
*1979 Language Cultivation Prize of the Swedish Academy
*1980 Member, Swedish Academy
*1980 Erik Wellander Prize
*1985 Medal for Zealous and Devoted Public Service
*1986 Golden Ladder
*1987 H. M. the King's Medal, 12th Size, in the Ribbon of the Order of  the Seraphim for Eminent Scientific and Cultural Achievements
*1988 Fil. Dr h. c., the Swedish University of Åbo, Finland
*1988 Chester Carlson Research Prize
*1988 Member, Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities
*1989 Member, Academia Europeae
*1990 Member, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences
*1991 Corresponding Member, Icelandic Society of Sciences
*1991 Honorary Member, Swedish Literary Society in Finland
*1994 Honorary Member, Gothenburg Students Society at Uppsala University
*1994 Member, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
*1994 Gothenburg City Medal of Merit in Gold
*1994 Knight Commander of the Order of the White Rose of Finland     
*2000 Member, Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters
*2000 Margit Påhlson Linguistic Prize of the Swedish Academy
*2002 Chalmers Medal for valuable contributions to the activity and development of Chalmers Technical University
*2004 Honorary Member, Gothenburg Students Society at Lund University
*2007 Knight of the Icelandic Order of  the Falcon
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