!!Sture Allén - Curriculum Vitae
__Personal data__ 
\\ \\
Sture Allén, Fil. Dr, Fil. Dr h. c., Em. Professor, Former Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy.\\
Born in 1928 in Göteborg.  Son of Bror G. Allén, Engineer, and Hanna Allén (née Johansson).\\
Married in 1954  to Solveig Allén (née Janson), Teacher of Textile Handicraft and Special Teacher for Physically Disabled Pupils. Three children.
\\ \\
*Fil. Dr, Scandinavian Philology, University of Göteborg, 1965
*Programming Courses, Chalmers Technical University, Göteborg, 1961–62
*Assistant Professor and, periodically, Acting Professor of Scandiavian Philology, University of Göteborg, 1965–70
*Associate Professor of Computational Linguistics, Swedish Humanistic Research Council, 1970–72
*Professor of Computational Linguistics (first holder), ditto, 1972–79
*Professor of Computational Linguistics (first holder), University of Göteborg, 1979–1993 (3/4 off duty 1986–93)
*Pro-Rector, ditto, 1980–86
*Rector, ditto, 1982
*Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy 1986–99
*Board of Directors, Swedish Language Committee, 1974–99, Deputy Chairman 1979–99
*Board of Directors, International Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing, 1977–89
*Board of Directors, Swedish Society for Old Swedish Writings, 1979
*Chairman, Göteborg Universities' Computing Centre, 1982–86
*Chairman, Swedish Society for Belles-Lettres, since 1984
*Language Industries Group, Council of Europe, 1985–90
*Scientific Board, Swedish National Encyclopaedia, 1986–96
*Assessment Panel, Eurotra Machine Translation Programme, European Economic Community, 1987–93
*Board of Directors, Nobel Foundation, 1987–99
*Board of Directors, Göteborg University Jubilee Foundation, since 1991, Chairman since 2001
*Board of Directors, Government Office of Evaluation of Universities, 1992–95
*Assessment of NERC Corpus Project, European Economic Community, 1993
*Board of Directors, Chalmers Technical University  Foundation, Göteborg, 1994–2000, Deputy Chairman 1999–2000
__Learned Societies__
*Member, Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Göteborg, since l976
*One of the Eighteen in the Swedish Academy, since 1980
*Member, Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, since 1988
*Member, Academia Europeae, since 1989
*Member, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, since 1990
*Honorary Member, Society of Swedish Literature in Finland, since 1991
*Corresponding Member, Icelandic Society of Sciences, since 1991
*Member, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, since 1994
*Member, Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters, since 2000
*Henrik Ahrenberg Prize, 1966
*Language Cultivation Prize of the Swedish Academy, 1979.
*Erik Wellander Prize, 1980
*Medal for Zealous and Devoted Public Service, 1985.
*Golden Ladder, 1986
*H. M. the King's Medal, 12th Size, in the Ribbon of the Order of the Seraphim for Eminent Scientific and Cultural Achievements, 1987
*Fil. Dr h. c., the Swedish University of Åbo, Finland, 1988.
*Chester Carlson Research Prize, 1988
*Honorary Member, Gothenburg Students Society at Uppsala University, 1994
*Gothenburg City Medal of Merit in Gold, 1994
*Knight Commander of the Order of the White Rose of Finland, 1994
*Margit Påhlson Linguistic Prize of the Swedish Academy, 2000
*Chalmers Medal for valuable contributions to the activity and development of Chalmers Technical University, 2002
*Honorary Member, Gothenburg Students Society at Lund University, 2004
*Knight of the Icelandic Order of  the Falcon, 2007
*Organizer or Co-Organizer of International Conferences in Sweden, Germany, and USA
*Organizer of Nobel Symposium on Text Processing, 1980
*Chairman of Organizing Committee for Nobel Symposium on Possible Worlds in Arts and Sciences, 1986
*Chairman of Nobel 91 Jubilee Symposium on the Situation of High-Quality Literature in the Harsh Cultural Climate of Today, 1991
*Organizer of Nobel Symposium on the Relation Between Language and Mind, 1994
*Organizer of Nobel Symposium on Translation of Poetry and Poetic Prose, 1998
__Special tasks__
*Expert reports on applications for professorship.
*Refereeing for scholarly funds, journals, and conferences.
*Evaluation of research projects.
*Language programmes on TV and radio.