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__Present and Previous Positions__
*since 2013 Director of the Wihuri Research Institute
*2007-2012 Scientific Director, Molecular/Cancer Biology Research Program, University of Helsinki
*2000-2011 Director, Academy of Finland Center of Excellence in Cancer Biology, University of Helsinki
*1999-2007 Director, Molecular/Cancer Biology Research Program, University of Helsinki
*since 1993 Academy Professor, Research Council for Health, The Academy of Finland
*1988-1993 Professor of Cancer Biology, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
*1987-1988 Research Professor, The Finnish Cancer Institute, Helsinki, Finland
*1986-1987 Professor of Medical Biochemistry, University of Turku, Finland
*1983-1986 Research Fellow, Senior RF, State Medical Research Council, Finland
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Pathophysiology of cancer
*Tumor angiogenesis
__Honours and Awards__
*1990 Member, European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)
*1991 Member, The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
*1998 The Äyräpää Prize, Finland
*1998 The Medix Prize for the Best Finnish Paper in the Biosciences in 1997
*2002 The Lundbeck Foundation Nordic Prize, Denmark
*2003 Leopold Griffuel Prize, France
*2005 Pfizer Advances in Oncology Award
*2005 Eric K Fernström Foundation's Nordic Prize, Sweden
*2006 Louis-Jeantet Prize For Medicine, Switzerland
*2009 Member, The Finnish Society of Science and Letters
*2009 The InBev-Baillet Latour Health Prize, Belgium
*2009 Fellow of The European Academy of Cancer Sciences
*2010 The Michael O’Connor Award, Mayo Clinic, USA
*2010 The Anders Jahre Senior Medical Prize, Norway
*2011 Moosa Plenary Award and Lecture, South Korea
*2011 Earl P. Benditt Award and Lecture, USA
*2013 [The Finnish Science Prize|http:///www.minedu.fi/OPM/Tiedotteet/2013/05/tiedepalkinto.html?lang=en]
*2014 [A.H. Heineken Prize for Medicine|https:///www.knaw.nl/en/awards/laureates/dr-a-h-heinekenprijs-voor-de-geneeskunde/kari-k-alitalo]
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