!!James Adams- Publications
[List of publications|http://www.asc.ox.ac.uk/userfiles/file/Addenda/AdamsJ-Publications.pdf]
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*1. The Text and Language of a Vulgar Chronicle (Anonymus Valesianus II)(Supplement 36, Bulletin of the Institute 0f Classical Studies, London, 1976).
*2. The Vulgar Latin of the Letters of Claudius Terentiamts (P. Mich. VIII. 46 7- 72)(Manchester, 1977).
*3. The Latin Sexual Vocabulary (London, 1982, several reprints).
*4. Wackernagel ’s Law and the Placement af the Copula esse in Classical Latin (Cambridge Philological Society Supplement, Cambridge, 1994).
*5. Pelagonius and Latin Veterinary Terminology in the Roman Empire (Leiden,1995)
*6. Bilinguisam and the Latin Language (Cambridge, 2003)
*7. The Regional Diversification of Latin c. 200BC AD600 (forthcoming,Cambridge University Press)
*8. (With RU. Mayer) Aspects of the Language of Latin Poetry (Proceedings ofthe British Academy 93) (Oxford, 1999)
*9. (With S.C.R. Swain and M, Janse) Bilingualisrn in Ancient Society: Language Contact and the Written Word (Oxford, 2002)
*10. (With T. Reinhardt and M. Lapidgc) Aspects  of the Language of Latin Prose(Proceedings of the British Academy 129) (Oxford, 2005)
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