!!Milena Žic Fuchs - Publications
[List of publications|http://biblio.irb.hr/lista-radova?autor=83311&lang=EN]
\\ \\
*Cognitive Linguistics between Universality and Variation / Brdar, Mario; Raffaelli, Ida; Žic Fuchs, Milena (eds.) Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012 \\
*Cognitive Linguistics: Convergence and Expansion / Brdar, Mario; Gries, Stefan, Th.; Žic Fuchs, Milena (eds.), Amsterdam; Philadelphia : John Benjamins, 2011\\
*Kognitivna lingvistika i jezične strukture : engleski present perfect (Cognitive linguistics and Language Structures: the English Present Perfect), Zagreb : Nakladni zavod Globus, 2009 (monograph)\\
*Rječnik kratica (Dictionary of Acronyms) – Authors: Stjepan Babić and Milena Žic Fuchs, Zagreb : Nakladni zavod Globus, 2007 (dictionary)\\
*Znanje o jeziku i znanje o svijetu (Knowledge of Language and Knowledge of the World), Zagreb : Filozofski fakultet, Odsjek za opću lingvistiku i orijentalne studije, 1991 (monograph), [[this book is one of the most quoted books in Croatian linguistics – from date of publication to the present]
*“'Science' and 'Culture' in University Settings. Areas of Overlap? Areas of Tension?, Or, areas of mutual complementarity?” In ''European Review'' 26.2, 2018, pp. 319-329
*“The Future of Publications in the Humanities: Possible Impacts of Research Assessment”. In ''New Publications Cultures in the Humanities: Exploring the Paradigm Shift''. Dávidházi, Péter (ed.). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2014. pp. 147-171
*“Communication Technologies and Their Influence on Language: the Notion of Convention Revisited” (with Vlatko Broz and Nina Tuđman Vuković). In: ''Jezikoslovlje'' 14.1, 2013; pp. 65-84\\
*“Communication Technologies and Their Influence on Language: Reshuffling Tenses in Croatian SMS Text Messaging” (with Nina Tuđman Vuković). In: ''Jezikoslovlje'' 9, 2008., 1-2, pp. 109-122\\
*“Metaphorical Processes as Basis of Proper Names” (with Dunja Brozović Rončević). In: ''Quaderni Internazionali di Rivista italiana di Onomastica'': RIOn International Series 1. 1, 2005, pp. 33-44\\
*“Communication Technologies and Their Influence on Language: an Example from Croatian”. In: ''Studia Romanica et Anglica Zagrabiensia'', 47-48. 2002-2003, pp. 597-608\\
*"Case Grammar and Valency Theory: Some Theoretical Considerations" // Kontrastivna analiza engleskog i hrvatskog jezika: Contrastive Analysis of English and Croatian IV / Filipović, Rudolf, (ed.) Zagreb: Zavod za lingvistiku, Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, 1993, pp. 41-59