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Major Publications

van Dinther, M., Dochy, F., Segers, M. (2011). Factors affecting students' self-efficacy in higher education. Educational Research Review, Volume 6 (2), 95-108. Impact Factor: 2.33; 12th most cited article of the Educational Research Review.

Decuyper, S., Dochy, F., Van den Bossche, P. (2010). Grasping the dynamic complexity of team learning: An integrative model for effective team learning in organisations. Educational Research Review, 5 , 111-133. Impact Factor: 2.33; 5th most cited article of the Educational Research Review.

Gielen, S., Peeters, E., Dochy, F., Onghena, P., Struyven, K. (2010). Improving the effectiveness of peer feedback for learning. Learning and Instruction, 20 (4), 304-315.
Impact factor: 3.72; 7th most downloaded article of Learning & Instruction; 10th most cited article of Learning & Instruction

Struyven, K., Dochy, F., Janssens, S., Gielen, S. (2006). On the dynamics of students' approaches to learning: The effects of the teaching/learning environment. Learning and instruction, 16(4), 279-294. Impact factor: 3.72

Gijbels, D., Dochy, F., Van den Bossche, P., & Segers, M. (2005). Effects of problem-based learning: A meta-analysis from the angle of assessment. Review of Educational Research, 75(1), 27-61. Impact factor: 3.36

Dochy, F., Segers, M., Van den Bossche, P., Struyven, K. (2005). Students’ perceptions of a problem-based learning environment. Learning environments research: an international journal, 8, 41-66.

Dochy, F., Segers, M., Van den Bossche, P., & Gijbels, D. (2003). Effects of problem-based learning: a meta-analysis. Learning and Instruction, 13, 533-568.
Impact factor: 1.44; 8th most downloaded article in Learning & Instruction

Segers, M., Dochy, F., Cascallar, E. (2003). Optimising new modes of assessment: in search of qualities and standards. Dordrecht: Kluwer academic publishers.

Dochy, F., Segers, M., & Buehl, M. (1999). The Relation Between Assessment Practices and Outcomes of Studies: The Case of Research on Prior Knowledge. Review of Educational Research, 69(2), 147-188. Impact factor: 3.36

Dochy, F. (2001). A new assessment era: Different needs, new challenges. Learning and instruction, 10 (suppl. 1), 11-20. Impact factor: 3.72
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