Filip Dochy - Curriculum Vitae#

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Studies and training:
  • Master degree in Psychology & Educational Sciences, University of Gent, Belgium
  • Master degree in Physical Education Science, University of Gent, Belgium
  • Bachelor degree in Law, University of Gent, Belgium
  • Degree in Educational policy and organisation, University of Leuven, Belgium
  • PhD degree in Educational Sciences, 1992. Doctoral thesis: Assessment of prior knowledge as a determinant for future learning. London/Utrecht: J. Kingsley Publishers/ Lemma b.v. (Preface by Robert Glaser & Erik De Corte)

Editorship & board membership:
  • Editor in Chief Educational Research Review (2005-2010)

Editorial board member:
  • Learning & Instruction
  • Studies in Higher Education
  • Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation (PARE)
  • Review of Educational Research
  • Studies in Educational Evaluation
  • Educational Research and Reflection
  • Tijdschrift voor Hoger Onderwijs

Elected functions in the scientific community:
  • Secretary of EARLI (1995-1999)
  • President-elect of EARLI , European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (2001-2003)
  • President of EARLI (2003-2005)
  • Chair of the Board of EAPRIL, European Assocation for Practictioner Research for Improving Learning in Education & the Professions (2006-2011)
  • Founding Chair of EAPRIL (2005)

Other accomplishments in the scientific community:

  • Founding Editor of the Educational Research Review (2005)
  • Initiatior of the EARLI ASC’s (Advanced Study Colloquia) since 2009
  • Initiator of the EARLI ECIR's (European Centres for Innovative Research) since 2013
  • Founding Editor of FLR (Frontline Learning Research) (Open access E-journal of EARLI) since 2013 (together with *Erno Lehtinen, Jan Vermunt, Sanne Akkerman)
  • Initiator of the different EARLI Awards since 2005 (Oeuvre Award; Publication Award; Young Scholar Award)
  • List-owner en manager van de EARLI-Assessment & Evaluation list (Surfnet - Internet) (1992 - 2005)
  • List-owner en manager van de EARLI General list (Supporting manager: F. Van Gelder; B. Bogaerts) (Surfnet - Internet) (1992 - today)

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