!!Academia Europaea Annual General Meeting at Leuven, Sept. 9-12, 2010\\
__Report on the Physics and Engineering Section__
\\ \\
''Laszlo P. Csernai''
\\ \\
__P&E Section members present at the Section Meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2010__
\\ \\
M Farge (SC), LP Csernai (SC), J Ginsztler (SC)\\
Z Rudzikas (SC), H Stoecker (SC), A Bradshaw\\
N Kroo, NK Pak JS Vaagen, J Vandewalle D Weair\\
__Additional members attending the AE Annual General Conference:__
\\ \\
J Deutsch, R Elliott, J Langer, P Neumann,
PM Schuster, A Vander Vorst, B Veltman
Section Committee (SC) members are indicated.
\\ \\
__Topics discussed at the Section Meeting__
#We need ~ 40 nominations per year to keep and slightly increase the
  membership number of the section.
#New on-line nomination will be introduced. Online nominations will
  be opened expectedly from February 2011 and nomination deadline
  for both the Normal list and the President's list is April 30.\\
     The Section Committee will evaluate and rank the Normal nominations
  and send it to the Nominations Subcommittee for further evaluation,
  on May 31. Then the Nominations Subcommittee also evaluates these.
  Then on Sept. 19 Section Chairs and Nominations Subcommittee will 
  form a final recommendation to the Council for new memberships on 
  the Normal list.\\
     The Presidents and the Nominations Subcommittee (eventually with 
  the Section Chairs ?) on Sept. 19-20, will form a final 
  recommendation to the Council for new   memberships on the 
  Presidents' list.\\
     The Council will decide about memberships just before the 2012
  AE Annual General Conference in Paris on Sept. 19-20.
#The 2011 AE Annual General Conference will be held in Paris, between
  Sept. 19-22, 2011.  The Section aims for a strong representation in the
  programme. The arrangements regarding the Conference programme will 
  be coordinated by the vice-chair of the Section, Marie Farge (Paris).
#The Section Committee plans to have an open SC meeting in Darmstadt
  (at GSI) during February or March 2011. A one day meeting is envisaged
  on Friday with arrival the previous evening and departure late afternoon
  on Friday or the next day. The participants are expected to cover their 
  own expenses. In case of financial difficulties the AE London office
  may be able to cover airfare and one or two night accommodation for
  SC members who request it.  The meeting will discuss (i) actions for 
  reaching the needed 40 nominations, (ii) plans for the Paris AE Annual
  General Conf. in September, (iii) other possible joint projects, meetings,
  or other activities.
__Elections - 18 new members:__
\\ \\                                 
Jörg Aichelin M     1953 FR \\
Stephen Mark Barnett M  UK\\
George Hadziioannou M     1953 FR \\
Jurgen Kurths M     1953 GE \\
Ulf G Meissner M     1957 GE \\
Peter M Williams M     1945 UK \\
Yuri M. Bunkov M     1950 FR\\
Francois M. Peeters M     1955 BE\\
Fernando Briones    Spain\\
Pavel Exner        Czech Rep.\\
Par Omling        Sweden  \\  
John M T Thompson    UK  \\  
''Engineering ''
\\ \\
László Györfi M     1947 HU \\
Maria Petrou F         1953 UK/GR \\
Francesco Profumo M     1953 IT\\
Richard RA Syms M     1953 UK \\
Ben L Feringa        Netherland\\
\\ \\
Jan D Achenbach M     1935 US
\\ \\
(Two Section nominations did not pass. Four nominations on the President's
list were returned to the P&E section Committee for evaluation and ranking 
next year, and one nomination was returned to the P&E and Economics Section 
Committees for evaluation and ranking next year.)