!!Section Committee Meeting - Physics and Engineering Section, Darmstadt, March 25-26, 2011

The following members took part in the Section Committee Meeting:
\\ \\
L.P. Csernai, NO, Chair\\
J. Aichelin,  FR\\
H. Stoecker,  GE\\
Z. Rudzikas,  LT\\
M. Farge,     FR\\
M. Harakeh,   NL  and\\
A. Mischke,   NL observer: Young Academy
\\ \\
At the meeting, the following points of general AE interest were discussed:
*4 - Budget
*6 - Membership procedures
*8 - Young Academy
*11 - Nominations and Ranking
Point 8 is a proposal to the Board/Council to introduce or support a Young Academy affiliated
with AE.
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[{Image src='section_committee_meeting_darmstadt_small.jpg' caption='Z. Rudzikas, L.P. Csernai, M. Harakeh, A. Mischke, J. Aichelin, K.H. Langanke, M. Farge, H. Stöcker at the Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung (GSI)' width='600' alt='Physics and Engineering Sciences Section meeting in Darmstadt' align='center'}]

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