Degradation of oceans

Answer: We have to accept the fact that our way of life is unsustainable and make the commitment to change.

Address simultaneously the big 3 drivers of degradation:#

--- Overfishing
--- Pollution
--- Climate change

None of this will be possible without changes in personal expectations and the ways we obtain energy for everything we do.

The oceans and the climate are in crisis#

  • Unwelcome changes are happening faster and faster.
  • The problems are 99% political, not scientific, and we need no new data to act to reverse the trends.
  • All of us are responsible and all of us will have to give up a lot to make a real difference.
  • The alternative is a hothouse world, billions of climate refugees, increasing global conflict, and the end of our comfortable way of life.
The question is whether we can overcome our greed, corruption, ignorance, and inertia to act responsibly - or wait for catastrophe to strike.

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