[{Image src='gerya-taras-3.jpg' caption='' width='500' alt='Taras Gerya' class='image_left'}]''__Innovative Solid Earth Modelling__''\\ \\
Taras Gerya, ETH Zurich, Switzerland\\ \\
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Modern gross challenges in Solid Earth Modelling are: (i) creating high-resolution realistic 3D numerical models
applicable to nature, and (ii) obtaining a rigorous understanding of geodynamic and planetary processes and the
key physical parameters controlling them. We developed a family of finite-difference, marker-in-cell codes which
can handle visco-elasto-plastic rheology, mineralogical phase changes, free surface and self-gravitation. With this
new tools we created a number of predictive numerical models for various geodynamic and planetary processes,
such as mid-ocean rift formation, oceanic and oceanic-continental subduction, continental collision, slab breakoff,
intrusion emplacement into the crust, planetary accretion and metallic core formation.