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TOPO-EUROPE addresses the 4-D topographic evolution of the orogens and intra-plate regions of Europe through
a multidisciplinary approach linking geology, geophysics, geodesy and geotechnology. TOPO-EUROPE integrates
monitoring, imaging, reconstruction and modelling of the interplay between processes controlling continental
topography and related natural hazards. TOPO-EUROPE initiates a number of novel studies on the quantification
of rates of vertical motions, related tectonically controlled river evolution and land subsidence in carefully selected
natural laboratories in Europe. From orogen through platform to continental margin, these natural laboratories
include the Alps/Carpathians-Pannonian Basin System, the West and Central European Platform, the Apennines--
Aegean-Anatolian region, the Iberian Peninsula, the Scandinavian Continental Margin, the East-European
Platform, and the Caucasus-Levant area.