[{Image src='papale-paolo-2.jpg' caption='' width='500' alt='Paolo Papale' class='image_left'}]''__Volcano modelling: control of deep magma dynamics on geophysical network signals__''\\ \\
Paolo Papale, INGV Pisa, Italy\\ \\
\\ \\
Deep magma movements preceding and accompanying volcanic eruptions involve complex physical and chemical
processes occurring under extreme P-T conditions. Such processes can not be directly observed, therefore, their
investigation combines a number of approaches from the analysis of the volcanic products, laboratory experiments,
inversion of the associated signals recorded by the volcano monitoring networks, and numerical modelling.
Combining all of the approaches above in a unique frame for understanding volcano dynamics is a frontier in
modern volcanology. Here the results of advanced numerical simulations of magma convection and mixing in
geometrically complex volcanic systems, and of the associated gravity change, ground displacement, and seismic
signals, are illustrated and discussed.