[{Image src='havel-ivan-7.jpg' caption='' width='550' alt='Ivan Havel' class='image_left'}]''__Seeing Numbers__''
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[Ivan Havel|User/Havel_Ivan]\\
Center for Theoretical Study, Prague, Czech Republic\\ \\
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In 1890 William James listed several “elementary mental categories” that he postulated as having a natural origin.
Among them, alongside the ideas of time and space, he also listed the idea of number. A symptomatic feature of
Informatics as well as Cognitive Science today is the tendency not to talk so much about ideas as about their
representations, either in the computer or in the brain. Taking up somewhat different perspective I will discuss the
way natural numbers, viewed as counts of real or imagined objects, may be experienced phenomenally. I put forth
even some speculative ideas about mental number processing by numerical savants.\\
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View the PPT [presentation|100831-Havel-Seeing-Numbers.ppt] and read the [article|10-08-31-Havel-Seeing-Numbers.pdf]\\ \\