[{Image src='dingwell-donald-1.jpg' caption='' width='500' alt='Don Dingwell' class='image_left'}]''__Magma:
The ultimate materials modelling challenge__''\\ \\
[Don Dingwell|User/Dingwell_Donald], University of Munich, Germany\\ \\
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The potential of simulation science to enhance the understanding of volcanic processes is enormous. We are only
at the beginning of its potential. The early days of volcanic simulation were marked by a disregard for anything but
the simplest possible description of molten rock - i.e. magma. Today, the demands of simulation scientists on the
experimental community of magma physics and chemistry are huge. From the point of view of an experimentalist,
the "market" is ready for the most complete parameterisation of magma properties and behaviour that is
experimentally feasible to obtain. The range of properties of interest, together with their complexities in a system
containing gas, solid and liquid components, will be briefly reviewed. Ultimately we must meet the challenge of a
complete physico-chemical description of a system transitioning from a multi-phase foam to a dusty gas phase, on
highly variable timescales of pressure, temperature change and mass and momentum transfer.