[{Image src='de-moura-carlos-4.jpg' caption='' width='550' alt='Carlos A. de Moura' class='image_left'}]''__Mathematical Modeling- an art, a duty, a danger__''\\ \\
Carlos A. de Moura, Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil\\ \\
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Mathematical modelling is an essential component of many scientific studies and, we could even say, a sensible
part of our everyday experience. Sciences based on mathematical models deserve to be called “exact". This allows
them to bear a more respect-full status as compared to the ones known as “soft". An important fact is overlooked,
though: to model is to pretend. When facing a mathematical truth no questioning may be posed and often one is led
to the same attitude towards a mathematical model. But mathematical conclusions about a model are true for that
model, not necessarily for the modelled phenomenon.
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These remarks are intended to guide the discussion on a topic that nowadays is of utmost importance: the use of
numerical parameters to rate scientific papers and journals.