!!Amélia Polónia awarded ''Honoris Causa'' Doctorate

On February 10, 2020, at the campus of the Université de Bretagne Sud in Vannes (France), [Amélia Polónia|Member/Polónia_Amélia], acknowledged specialist in maritime and harbour history and distinguished member of the __History & Archaeology Section Committee__ of Academia Europaea, was awarded a ''Honoris Causa'' Doctorate. Her experience of many years as promoter of transdisciplinary research has confirmed her belief that an interdisciplinary approach is changing and will continue to change the paradigm of scientific knowledge.
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[{Image src='Polonia_Amelia_doctorate.jpg' caption='Amélia Polónia (left), during the ceremony, together with Fernanda Ribeiro, the director of the University of Porto' height='400' alt='' align='center'}]
!!Academia Europaea congratulates Prof. Polónia to this outstanding distinction!