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* Abdominal imaging [Go to |User/Herold_Christian_Johannes]

*Acute Pancreatitis [Go to |User/Lerch_Markus]

*Acute stroke care [Go to |User/Csiba_László]

*Adaptive changes in myocardial contractility [Go to |User/Swynghedauw_Bernard]

* Allergology [Go to |User/Holgate_Stephen_Townley]

*Allergology  [Go to |User/Röcken_Martin]

*Allergy, especially mediator mechanisms [Go to |User/Dahlén_Sven-Erik]

*Antibiotic stewardship [Go to |User/van_der_Meer_Jos]

*Anticoagulant therapy [Go to |User/Hemker_Coenraad]

*Aspirin/NSAID intolerant asthma [Go to |User/Dahlén_Sven-Erik]

*Asthma, especially pathobiology [Go to |User/Dahlén_Sven-Erik]

* Asthma [Go to |User/Holgate_Stephen_Townley]

*Asthma [Go to |User/Humbert_Marc]

*Atopic eczema [Go to |User/McLean_William_Henry_Irwin]

*Autoimmune diseases of the skin & psoriasis: Pathogenesis & novel therapies [Go to |User/Röcken_Martin]

*Autoinflammatory disorders [Go to |User/van_der_Meer_Jos]

*Basic immunology, focus on CD4 T cells, cytokines and antigen presenting cells [Go to |User/Röcken_Martin]

* Biobanking [Go to |User/Kiemeney_Lambertus]

*Biomarkers for precision medicine [Go to |User/Dahlén_Sven-Erik]

*Blood coagulation [Go to |User/Hemker_Coenraad]

* Cancer epidemiology  [Go to |User/Kiemeney_Lambertus]

*Cancer [Go to |User/Jassem_Jacek]

* cardiovascular medicine [Go to |User/Narkiewicz_Krzysztof]

*Cell mediated immunity [Go to |User/Borysiewicz_Leszek]

*Cerebral hemodynamics in stroke-risk diseases and stroke [Go to |User/Csiba_László]

* Chest imaging  [Go to |User/Herold_Christian_Johannes]

*Chronic fatigue syndrome [Go to |User/van_der_Meer_Jos]

*Chronic Pancreatitis [Go to |User/Lerch_Markus]

*Clinical course of HIV, response to therapy and immune reconstitution as well as on psychosocial issues [Go to |User/Battegay_Manuel]

* Clinical epidemiology [Go to |User/Kiemeney_Lambertus]

* Clinical immunology [Go to |User/Holgate_Stephen_Townley]

*Clinical neurology, with special regard to stroke [Go to |User/Csiba_László]

*Clinical pharmacology [Go to |User/Pirmohamed_Munir]

* clinical & veterinary science [Go to |User/Griffiths_Christopher]

*Cognitive neuroscience  [Go to |User/Gulyás_Balázs]

*Complement Biology [Go to |User/Morgan_Bryan_Paul]

* Computational imaging research [Go to |User/Herold_Christian_Johannes]

* Computed tomography [Go to |User/Herold_Christian_Johannes]

* CT-imaging  [Go to |User/Herold_Christian_Johannes]

*Cytokines [Go to |User/van_der_Meer_Jos]

*Cytoskeleton/structural molecules [Go to |User/McLean_William_Henry_Irwin]

* Data analysis  [Go to |User/Herold_Christian_Johannes]

* dermatology and genetics [Go to |User/McLean_William_Henry_Irwin]

* Dermatology  [Go to |User/Griffiths_Christopher]

*Dermatology [Go to |User/McLean_William_Henry_Irwin]

* Dermatopharmacology [Go to |User/Griffiths_Christopher]

*Development of positron emission tomography for medicine and medical research [Go to |User/Syrota_André]

*Diabetes [Go to |User/Tulassay_Tivadar]

*Disease biomarkers and biomarker probes [Go to |User/Gulyás_Balázs]

*Drug development and experimental models [Go to |User/Dahlén_Sven-Erik]

*Drug safety [Go to |User/Pirmohamed_Munir]

*Endocrine regulation of fluid and elecrolyte homeostasis  [Go to |User/Tulassay_Tivadar]

*Endothelial cell dysfunction [Go to |User/Humbert_Marc]

* Environmental epidemiology [Go to |User/Holgate_Stephen_Townley]

* epidemiology [Go to |User/Kiemeney_Lambertus]

*Evolutionary medicine  [Go to |User/Swynghedauw_Bernard]

* experimental and clinical stroke research, neurosonology [Go to |User/Csiba_László]

*Experimental focal ischemia models [Go to |User/Csiba_László]

*Extra- and intracranial ultrasound  in vascular diseases [Go to |User/Csiba_László]

*Fibrosis [Go to |User/Tulassay_Tivadar]

*Filaggrin [Go to |User/McLean_William_Henry_Irwin]

*Functional and structural architecture of the human brain in health and disease [Go to |User/Frackowiak_Richard]

*Gastroenterology [Go to |User/Lerch_Markus]

* Genetic epidemiology [Go to |User/Kiemeney_Lambertus]

* Genetics [Go to |User/Holgate_Stephen_Townley]

*Genomics [Go to |User/Orth_Gérard]

*Genomics [Go to |User/Pirmohamed_Munir]

*Haemostasis [Go to |User/Hemker_Coenraad]

*HIV/AIDS research [Go to |User/Battegay_Manuel]

*Host genetic factors [Go to |User/Orth_Gérard]

*Human and animal papillomaviruses   [Go to |User/Orth_Gérard]

*Human experimental medicine [Go to |User/Dahlén_Sven-Erik]

*Human molecular genetics [Go to |User/McLean_William_Henry_Irwin]

*Hyper-IgD syndrome [Go to |User/van_der_Meer_Jos]

*Imaging of energy metabolism in focal ischemia [Go to |User/Csiba_László]

* immunology & virology [Go to |User/Borysiewicz_Leszek]

*Immunopathology of atopic and nonatopic asthma [Go to |User/Humbert_Marc]

*Immunopathology of pulmonary arterial hypertension [Go to |User/Humbert_Marc]

* Immunopharmacology [Go to |User/Holgate_Stephen_Townley]

*Increased oncogene expression in response to myocardial overload and during restenosis  [Go to |User/Swynghedauw_Bernard]

*Induction of tumor cell senescence by the immune system  [Go to |User/Röcken_Martin]

* infectious diseases [Go to |User/Battegay_Manuel]

*Infectious diseases [Go to |User/Borysiewicz_Leszek]

*Infectious diseases [Go to |User/van_der_Meer_Jos]

*Infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, influenza and clinically related questions to bacterial diseases [Go to |User/Battegay_Manuel]

*Inflammation [Go to |User/Morgan_Bryan_Paul]

* Inflammatory biomarkers in breath [Go to |User/Barnes_Peter_John]

* Inflammatory mechanisms: transcriptional control of inflammatory genes, transcription factors, chromatin remodell [Go to |User/Barnes_Peter_John]

* Inflammatory skin disease [Go to |User/Griffiths_Christopher]

*Innate Immunity [Go to |User/Morgan_Bryan_Paul]

*Innovative Therapies (targeted therapies for pulmonary hypertension) [Go to |User/Humbert_Marc]

*Innovative Therapies (targeted therapies for severe asthma) [Go to |User/Humbert_Marc]

* internal medicine [Go to |User/Fabbri_Leonardo_M]

*Investigation of chronic multimorbidity [Go to |User/Fabbri_Leonardo_M]

*Investigation of the pathophysiology and management of both asthma and COPD [Go to |User/Fabbri_Leonardo_M]

*Keratinizing skin disorders [Go to |User/McLean_William_Henry_Irwin]

*Keratinocyte/epithelial cell biology [Go to |User/McLean_William_Henry_Irwin]

*Keratins [Go to |User/McLean_William_Henry_Irwin]

*Lipid mediators, especially leukotrienes, prostaglandins, lipoxins [Go to |User/Dahlén_Sven-Erik]

* Lung function [Go to |User/Holgate_Stephen_Townley]

* Magnetic resonance imaging [Go to |User/Herold_Christian_Johannes]

* Mechanisms of corticosteroid resistance [Go to |User/Barnes_Peter_John]

* Mediators of inflammation, oxidative stress in lung disease [Go to |User/Barnes_Peter_John]

*Medical consequences of climate changes [Go to |User/Swynghedauw_Bernard]

* Medical engineering [Go to |User/Wells_Peter]

* medical imaging [Go to |User/Herold_Christian_Johannes]

* Medical imaging [Go to |User/Wells_Peter]

*Medical oncology with a special interest in lung cancer and breast cancer [Go to |User/Jassem_Jacek]

* Medical physics [Go to |User/Wells_Peter]

* Medical ultrasonics [Go to |User/Wells_Peter]

* medical ultrasound [Go to |User/Wells_Peter]

* medicine, gastroenterology [Go to |User/Lerch_Markus]

* Medicine [Go to |User/Holgate_Stephen_Townley]

*Medicine [Go to |User/Humbert_Marc]

*Membrane proteins [Go to |User/Swynghedauw_Bernard]

*Metabolic syndrome – mechanisms and consequences [Go to |User/Narkiewicz_Krzysztof]

*Molecular and cellular biology [Go to |User/Orth_Gérard]

*Molecular biology in cardiology  [Go to |User/Swynghedauw_Bernard]

*Molecular cardiology [Go to |User/Swynghedauw_Bernard]

*Molecular oncology with a special interest in lung cancer and breast cancer [Go to |User/Jassem_Jacek]

*Myocardial autocrine function [Go to |User/Swynghedauw_Bernard]

*Natural immunity [Go to |User/van_der_Meer_Jos]

*Neonatology  [Go to |User/Tulassay_Tivadar]

*Nephrology [Go to |User/Tulassay_Tivadar]

*Neural circulatory studies in sleep and sleep apnea [Go to |User/Narkiewicz_Krzysztof]

*Neurodegeneration [Go to |User/Morgan_Bryan_Paul]

*Neuroinflammation [Go to |User/Morgan_Bryan_Paul]

*Neuropsyhopharmacological drug research and development [Go to |User/Gulyás_Balázs]

*Neuroscience, neurology, psychiatry, neuroimaging [Go to |User/Gulyás_Balázs]

*Neurospin facility for neuroimaging research [Go to |User/Syrota_André]

*Non-invasive human imaging techniques with positron-emitting isotopes and magnetic resonance [Go to |User/Syrota_André]

* nuclear medicine [Go to |User/Syrota_André]

*Nuclear medicine  [Go to |User/Syrota_André]

*Obesity-related hypertension [Go to |User/Narkiewicz_Krzysztof]

* paediatrics [Go to |User/Tulassay_Tivadar]

*Pancreas [Go to |User/Lerch_Markus]

*Pancreatic Cancer [Go to |User/Lerch_Markus]

*Pathogen-host-interactions during infectious diseases in immune-competent and immune-compromised hosts; HIV-infection [Go to |User/Röcken_Martin]

*Personalised medicine [Go to |User/Pirmohamed_Munir]

*Pharmacoepidemiology [Go to |User/Pirmohamed_Munir]

*Pharmacogenomics [Go to |User/Pirmohamed_Munir]

*Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics [Go to |User/Pirmohamed_Munir]

*Pharmacology, especially airways and inflammation [Go to |User/Dahlén_Sven-Erik]

*Pharmacovigilance [Go to |User/Pirmohamed_Munir]

* Pollution [Go to |User/Holgate_Stephen_Townley]

*Postnatal adaptation  [Go to |User/Tulassay_Tivadar]

*Precision medicine [Go to |User/Pirmohamed_Munir]

*Prevention and treatment of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, congestive heart failure and diabetes [Go to |User/Narkiewicz_Krzysztof]

* Psoriasis [Go to |User/Griffiths_Christopher]

*Pulmonary Hypertension [Go to |User/Humbert_Marc]

* Pulmonary nodules  [Go to |User/Herold_Christian_Johannes]

*Qualitative phenotypic change in the overloaded myocardium [Go to |User/Swynghedauw_Bernard]

*Quantitative evaluation of cardiac and CNS receptors with PET [Go to |User/Syrota_André]

*Radiotherapy [Go to |User/Jassem_Jacek]

*Reflex regulation of cardiovascular system in physiologic and pathologic states [Go to |User/Narkiewicz_Krzysztof]

* Research methodology [Go to |User/Kiemeney_Lambertus]

*Respiratory and General Physiology [Go to |User/Dahlén_Sven-Erik]

*Respiratory Diseases [Go to |User/Humbert_Marc]

* respiratory medicine [Go to |User/Humbert_Marc]

* Respiratory Medicine: specifically asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [Go to |User/Barnes_Peter_John]

* Respiratory Pharmacology: molecular mechanisms of corticosteroids and bronchodilators [Go to |User/Barnes_Peter_John]

* respiratory physiology and medicine [Go to |User/Dahlén_Sven-Erik]

*Severe asthma [Go to |User/Dahlén_Sven-Erik]

* Skin ageing [Go to |User/Griffiths_Christopher]

*Stem cell therapy for severe skin fragility syndromes [Go to |User/Röcken_Martin]

* Stratified medicine [Go to |User/Griffiths_Christopher]

*Systems pharmacology [Go to |User/Pirmohamed_Munir]

*Therapy development/experimental medicine [Go to |User/McLean_William_Henry_Irwin]

*Thrombin generation [Go to |User/Hemker_Coenraad]

*Thrombin [Go to |User/Hemker_Coenraad]

*Thrombosis [Go to |User/Hemker_Coenraad]

*Transgenic models of human disease [Go to |User/McLean_William_Henry_Irwin]

*Translational medicine: e.g. development IL-4 therapy for inflammatory autoimmune diseases starting from the in vitro & in vivo regulation of interleukin 4 [Go to |User/Röcken_Martin]

* translational medicine [Go to |User/Holgate_Stephen_Townley]

* Translational medicine [Go to |User/Holgate_Stephen_Townley]

*Translational neuroscience [Go to |User/Gulyás_Balázs]

* translational oncology [Go to |User/Jassem_Jacek]

*Tumor immune therapy [Go to |User/Röcken_Martin]

*Tumor immunology [Go to |User/Röcken_Martin]

* Urological cancers  [Go to |User/Kiemeney_Lambertus]

*Vaccine development [Go to |User/Borysiewicz_Leszek]

*Viral immunology [Go to |User/Borysiewicz_Leszek]

*Virus associated malignancy [Go to |User/Borysiewicz_Leszek]