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*1972-1974 Part time teaching positions at Depts. of Anatomy, Medical and Physiological Chemistry, and Physiology  [Go to |User/Heldin_Carl-Henrik]\\__Fields of Scholarship__

*1975-1980 Graduate student scholarship at Dept of Medical and Physiological Chemistry combined with a part time teaching position  [Go to |User/Heldin_Carl-Henrik]

*1980 Research Assistant at Dept of Medical and Physiological Chemistry [Go to |User/Heldin_Carl-Henrik]

*1981 Lecturer at Dept of Medical and Physiological Chemistry [Go to |User/Heldin_Carl-Henrik]

*Adenoviral proteome [Go to |User/Pettersson_Ulf]

*Adenovirus [Go to |User/Pettersson_Ulf]

* Adhesion molecules [Go to |User/Jalkanen_Sirpa]

*Adhesion Signalling [Go to |User/Humphries_Martin]

* Aging und adaptation of the cardiovascular system [Go to |User/Braun_Thomas]

*Amino acid and phenylpropanoid biosynthesis [Go to |User/Amrhein_Nikolaus]

*Anaerobic ammonium oxidation [Go to |User/Jetten_Michael]

*Anaerobic methane oxidation [Go to |User/Jetten_Michael]

*Apoptosis [Go to |User/Sulston_John]

*Basic and clinical aspects of cancer [Go to |User/Celis_Julio]

* Basic and clinical immunology [Go to |User/Falus_András]

*Biochemical effects of mutations [Go to |User/Jacob_François]

* biochemistry & cell biology [Go to |User/Lührmann_Reinhard]

*Biochemistry [Go to |User/Hunt_Tim]

*biochemistry  [Go to |User/Tryggvason_Karl]

*Bioinformatics [Go to |User/Falus_András]

* biology [Go to |User/Baltimore_David]

*Biology [Go to |User/Blobel_Günter]

*Biology [Go to |User/Sulston_John]

*Biophysics [Go to |User/Aebi_Ueli]

* Biophysics: Neefjes developed various technologies to measure FRET and FRAP for single cell biochemistry. [Go to |User/Neefjes_Jacques]

*Biosynthesis of alkaloids [Go to |User/Zenk_Meinhart]

*Biosythesis of dyes and terpenes in plants [Go to |User/Zenk_Meinhart]

*Bladder cancer [Go to |User/Pettersson_Ulf]

*Caenorhabditis elegans [Go to |User/Sulston_John]

*Cancer [Go to |User/Watt_Fiona]

* cancer research [Go to |User/Krammer_Peter]

* Cancer Stem Cells [Go to |User/Pelicci_Pier_Giuseppe]

*Cancer therapy [Go to |User/Ullrich_Axel]

* Cancer: utilizing biophysics showed conformational changes estrogen receptor and deciphered new resistance mechanism [Go to |User/Neefjes_Jacques]

* cardiovascular research [Go to |User/Braun_Thomas]

* cell adhesion [Go to |User/Humphries_Martin]

*Cell and Developmental Biology [Go to |User/Cossu_Giulio]

*Cell and gene therapy [Go to |User/Barrandon_Yann]

* cell biology [Go to |User/Aebi_Ueli]

* Cell biology [Go to |User/Birchmeier_Carmen]

* Cell biology [Go to |User/Cattaneo_Elena]

*Cell Biology [Go to |User/Louvard_Daniel]

* Cell Biology: identified MHC class I and MHC class II cell biology, dynein motor control of vesicles, PI3kinase in MVB biogeneses [Go to |User/Neefjes_Jacques]

* cell biology, immunology [Go to |User/Gowans_James]

* Cell cycle checkpoints [Go to |User/Medema_Rene]

* cell cycle control [Go to |User/Hunt_Tim]

* Cell cycle control [Go to |User/Medema_Rene]

* Cell Cycle Control [Go to |User/Pelicci_Pier_Giuseppe]

*cell cycle [Go to |User/Höög_Christer]

*Cell cycle regulation [Go to |User/Hunt_Tim]

* cell & developmental biology [Go to |User/Alberts_Bruce]

*Cell Differentiation [Go to |User/Cossu_Giulio]

* Cell fate determination [Go to |User/Stern_Claudio_Daniel]

*Cell Migration, Cell Proliferation and Signaling [Go to |User/Blasi_Francesco]

* cell & molecular biology [Go to |User/Betsholtz_Christer]

* cell recognition [Go to |User/Burger_Max]

* cell reproduction [Go to |User/Giménez-Martín_Gonzalo]

*Cell Therapy [Go to |User/Cossu_Giulio]

* Chemical Biology: developed reciprocal chemical genetics to find host targets controlling bacterial infections and lead structures [Go to |User/Neefjes_Jacques]

* Chemistry: Neefjes applies chemistry in cell biology. Generated first inhibitors for TAP and for host factor antibiotics [Go to |User/Neefjes_Jacques]

* Cholesterol dysfunction [Go to |User/Cattaneo_Elena]

*Chromatin replication [Go to |User/Lansdorp_Peter]

* Chromosomal Translocations [Go to |User/Pelicci_Pier_Giuseppe]

*Chromosome pairing and recombination during meiosis	  [Go to |User/Daneholt_Bertil]

*chromosome segregation [Go to |User/Höög_Christer]

*Classical biology   [Go to |User/Watson_James]

*clinical chemistry (clinical pathology) [Go to |User/Tryggvason_Karl]

* clinical immunology [Go to |User/Peters_Keith]

*Cloning [Go to |User/Gurdon_John]

*cohesins [Go to |User/Höög_Christer]

*Colorectal cancers [Go to |User/Louvard_Daniel]

*Computational  biology and medicine [Go to |User/Falus_András]

* Control of gene expression [Go to |User/Stern_Claudio_Daniel]

*Cyclin proteolysis [Go to |User/Hunt_Tim]

*Cytotoxic T cells [Go to |User/Zinkernagel_Rolf]

* developmental biology & genetics [Go to |User/Robertson_Elizabeth]

* Developmental biology [Go to |User/Birchmeier_Carmen]

* developmental biology [Go to |User/Brockes_Jeremy]

*Developmental Biology [Go to |User/Ephrussi_Anne]

* Developmental biology [Go to |User/Stern_Claudio_Daniel]

*Developmental biology [Go to |User/Watson_James]

* developmental biology, mouse genetics [Go to |User/Birchmeier_Carmen]

* developmental genetics [Go to |User/Paro_Renato]

*Development of electron microscope tomography [Go to |User/Daneholt_Bertil]

*Development of structured controlled vocabularies (ontologies) for use in the context of biological databases [Go to |User/Ashburner_Michael]

* Differentiation [Go to |User/Dotto_G._Paolo]

*Discovering a novel type regulatory RNA - siRNA [Go to |User/Baulcombe_David]

*discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) [Go to |User/Montagnier_Luc]

* DNA damage [Go to |User/Medema_Rene]

*DNA profiling [Go to |User/Jeffreys_Alec]

*Double helix structure of DNA [Go to |User/Watson_James]

*Ecology [Go to |User/Watson_James]

* Endothelial cells [Go to |User/Jalkanen_Sirpa]

*enhancement of the immune response and its relevance to vaccines [Go to |User/Lachmann_Peter]

*Enzyme inhibitors [Go to |User/Amrhein_Nikolaus]

*Epidermis [Go to |User/Watt_Fiona]

* Epigenetic control of gene expression [Go to |User/Braun_Thomas]

*Epigenetics [Go to |User/Grummt_Ingrid]

* Epithelial Cancer  [Go to |User/Dotto_G._Paolo]

*Epithelial cells [Go to |User/Louvard_Daniel]

* Epithelial-mesenchymal interactions [Go to |User/Dotto_G._Paolo]

*Establishment of cell polarity in Drosophila [Go to |User/Nüsslein-Volhard_Christiane]

*exploring the possible clinical utility of signal transduction antagonists [Go to |User/Heldin_Carl-Henrik]

* Extravasation of lymphocytes [Go to |User/Jalkanen_Sirpa]

* Field cancerization [Go to |User/Dotto_G._Paolo]

*Formation of morphine in mammals and in the human organism [Go to |User/Zenk_Meinhart]

*formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) [Go to |User/Betsholtz_Christer]

*gametogenesis [Go to |User/Höög_Christer]

*Gene expression [Go to |User/Grummt_Ingrid]

*genetic aspects of tumor biology [Go to |User/Klein_George]

*Genetic fingerprinting [Go to |User/Jeffreys_Alec]

*Genetic mechanisms existing in bacteria and bacteriophages [Go to |User/Jacob_François]

*Genetics [Go to |User/Jeffreys_Alec]

*genetics [Go to |User/Vassart_Gilbert]

* genetics, immunology [Go to |User/Dausset_Jean]

*Genome organization and evolution in Drosophila [Go to |User/Ashburner_Michael]

* genome organization and stability [Go to |User/Lansdorp_Peter]

* Genomics [Go to |User/Pelicci_Pier_Giuseppe]

*G protein-coupled receptors [Go to |User/Vassart_Gilbert]

*Growth and cell migration in the zebrafish [Go to |User/Nüsslein-Volhard_Christiane]

*Hair follicle [Go to |User/Barrandon_Yann]

*Hematology [Go to |User/Dausset_Jean]

*Hereditary diseases [Go to |User/Blobel_Günter]

* High throughput screenings: Neefjes performed various genetic and chemical screens to successfully find new targets and leads [Go to |User/Neefjes_Jacques]

*Host cell gene expression [Go to |User/Pettersson_Ulf]

*Human genetics [Go to |User/Berghe_Herman]

* Huntington's disease [Go to |User/Cattaneo_Elena]

* immunology, cancer biology [Go to |User/Jalkanen_Sirpa]

*Immunology [Go to |User/Bishop_John]

*Immunology [Go to |User/Bishop_John(266)]

*Immunology [Go to |User/Dausset_Jean]

*immunology [Go to |User/Klein_George]

*Immunology [Go to |User/Rajewsky_Klaus]

*immunology [Go to |User/Wigzell_Hans]

*Immunology [Go to |User/Zinkernagel_Rolf]

* Immunology: Mechanisms of control of MHC class I and MHC class II expression, bacterial control phagosomes [Go to |User/Neefjes_Jacques]

*immunopathology, particularly in relation to systemic LE and to multiple sclerosis [Go to |User/Lachmann_Peter]

* Induction [Go to |User/Stern_Claudio_Daniel]

* Inflammation [Go to |User/Jalkanen_Sirpa]

*insect sting allergy [Go to |User/Lachmann_Peter]

*Keratinocytes [Go to |User/Barrandon_Yann]

* Kinases [Go to |User/Medema_Rene]

* Lymphendothelial cells [Go to |User/Jalkanen_Sirpa]

* Lymphocytes [Go to |User/Jalkanen_Sirpa]

* Lymphocyte trafficking [Go to |User/Jalkanen_Sirpa]

* mammalian genetics [Go to |User/Lyon_Mary]

* medical genetics [Go to |User/Ferguson-Smith_Malcolm]

*Medical genomics  [Go to |User/Falus_András]

* meiosis [Go to |User/Höög_Christer]

*meiosis [Go to |User/Höög_Christer]

*Metagenomics of complex microbial communities [Go to |User/Jetten_Michael]

*Microbial ecology of anaerobic micro organism [Go to |User/Jetten_Michael]

*microbial immunology. Particular topics include microbial subversion of the innate immune response and the immunology of measles [Go to |User/Lachmann_Peter]

*Microbial physiology of nitrogen and methane cycle bacteria [Go to |User/Jetten_Michael]

*Microbiology [Go to |User/Bishop_John]

* microbiology [Go to |User/Bishop_John(266)]

*Microbiology [Go to |User/Bishop_John(266)]

*microbiology [Go to |User/Philipson_Lennart]

*Microbiology, Tumour and Cell Biology [Go to |User/Kärre_Klas]

* Mitosis [Go to |User/Medema_Rene]

*Molecular and genetic analysis of development [Go to |User/Nüsslein-Volhard_Christiane]

*Molecular Biology [Go to |User/Avila_Jesús]

* molecular biology [Go to |User/Basler_Konrad]

*molecular biology [Go to |User/Pettersson_Ralf]

*molecular biology  [Go to |User/Philipson_Lennart]

*molecular biology [Go to |User/Vennström_Björn]

*Molecular biology [Go to |User/Watson_James]

*Molecular Cell Biology [Go to |User/Aebi_Ueli]

*Molecular cell biology [Go to |User/Falus_András]

*Molecular Cell Biology [Go to |User/Humphries_Martin]

* Molecular control of heart and skeletal muscle development [Go to |User/Braun_Thomas]

*Molecular developmental biology [Go to |User/Jacob_François]

*molecular endocrinology [Go to |User/Vassart_Gilbert]

*molecular machinery that drives cell division and controls cell shape [Go to |User/Nurse_Paul]

* molecular medicine [Go to |User/Santoni_Angela]

* Molecular Medicine: Neefjes applied cell biology and next generation sequencing to find new modes of actions of anticancer drug [Go to |User/Neefjes_Jacques]

*Molecular Neurobiology [Go to |User/Avila_Jesús]

*molecular pharmacology [Go to |User/Vassart_Gilbert]

* molecular plant genetics [Go to |User/Saedler_Heinz]

*Morphogenesis [Go to |User/Barrandon_Yann]

* Morphogenesis [Go to |User/Stern_Claudio_Daniel]

* Mouse genetics [Go to |User/Birchmeier_Carmen]

*Muscle Cell Biology (Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle) [Go to |User/Schiaffino_Stefano]

* Muscle development [Go to |User/Birchmeier_Carmen]

*Muscle Physiology [Go to |User/Schiaffino_Stefano]

* myogenic cell lineages [Go to |User/Cossu_Giulio]

*Nanobiology [Go to |User/Aebi_Ueli]

*Nature and fate of transcription products [Go to |User/Daneholt_Bertil]

* Nervous system development [Go to |User/Birchmeier_Carmen]

* Neural development (developmental neurobiology) [Go to |User/Stern_Claudio_Daniel]

* Neurodegenerative diseases [Go to |User/Cattaneo_Elena]

* neurodegenerative diseases [Go to |User/De_Strooper_Bart]

* Neuroendocrine Signaling [Go to |User/Braun_Thomas]

*Niche [Go to |User/Barrandon_Yann]

* Notch [Go to |User/Dotto_G._Paolo]

*Nuclear transplantation [Go to |User/Gurdon_John]

*oogenesis [Go to |User/Höög_Christer]

*Papilloma virus [Go to |User/Hausen_Harald]

*Pathology [Go to |User/Zinkernagel_Rolf]

* Pattern formation [Go to |User/Stern_Claudio_Daniel]

*Physiology [Go to |User/Watson_James]

*Phytochelatins [Go to |User/Zenk_Meinhart]

*pioneer in the area of cellular biology [Go to |User/Mitchison_Murdoch]

*Plant biology [Go to |User/Matile_Philippe]

* plant developmental biology [Go to |User/Hooykaas_Paul]

* plant ecophysiology [Go to |User/Lüttge_Ulrich]

* plant genetics [Go to |User/Flavell_Richard]

*Plant hormones [Go to |User/Zenk_Meinhart]

*Plant metabolism [Go to |User/Amrhein_Nikolaus]

* plant molecular biology [Go to |User/Baulcombe_David]

*Plant physiology [Go to |User/Matile_Philippe]

*Plant physiology [Go to |User/Zenk_Meinhart]

* plant science [Go to |User/Amrhein_Nikolaus]

*Prep1 transcription factor in mammalian development and regulation of Hox activity [Go to |User/Blasi_Francesco]

* protein-dna interactions [Go to |User/Giraldo_Rafael]

*Protein Engineering [Go to |User/Aebi_Ueli]

*Protein signaling in cells [Go to |User/Blobel_Günter]

*Proteomic strategies in health and disease [Go to |User/Celis_Julio]

*Regeneration [Go to |User/Barrandon_Yann]

*Regulation of gene expression [Go to |User/Lansdorp_Peter]

*Regulation of genetic activity [Go to |User/Grummt_Ingrid]

*Retro viral oncogenes [Go to |User/Bishop_John]

*Retro viral oncogenes [Go to |User/Bishop_John(266)]

*role of pericytes (smooth muscle-like cells in microvessels) in vessel integrity [Go to |User/Betsholtz_Christer]

* Signal transduction [Go to |User/Birchmeier_Carmen]

*Skin [Go to |User/Barrandon_Yann]

* Somatic mutations [Go to |User/Jalkanen_Sirpa]

*spindle assembly checkpoint [Go to |User/Höög_Christer]

* Spindle assembly [Go to |User/Medema_Rene]

*Stem cell biology [Go to |User/Lansdorp_Peter]

*Stem Cell Biology [Go to |User/Smith_Austin]

* Stem cell biology [Go to |User/Stern_Claudio_Daniel]

*Stem cell commitment in hematopoiesis [Go to |User/Busslinger_Meinrad]

* Stem cell neurobiology and differentiation [Go to |User/Cattaneo_Elena]

*Stem cell research [Go to |User/Buckingham_Margaret]

* Stem cells and the regeneration of contractile tissues [Go to |User/Braun_Thomas]

*Stem cells [Go to |User/Barrandon_Yann]

*Stem cells [Go to |User/Watt_Fiona]

*Structural Biology [Go to |User/Aebi_Ueli]

*structure and biology of basement membranes [Go to |User/Tryggvason_Karl]

*synaptonemal complex [Go to |User/Höög_Christer]

* Systems Biology: Neefjes has performed integrated screens to generate new biology that was experimentally validated [Go to |User/Neefjes_Jacques]

*Taxonomy [Go to |User/Watson_James]

*Telomeres and genome stability in ageing [Go to |User/Lansdorp_Peter]

*the cell cycle in yeast [Go to |User/Mitchison_Murdoch]

*the immunochemistry, biology and genetics of the complement system [Go to |User/Lachmann_Peter]

*the pathophysiology of AIDS [Go to |User/Montagnier_Luc]

*the PDGF receptor [Go to |User/Heldin_Carl-Henrik]

*Thymus [Go to |User/Barrandon_Yann]

*Tissue Regeneration [Go to |User/Humphries_Martin]

* Transcellular migration [Go to |User/Jalkanen_Sirpa]

*Transcriptional regulation  [Go to |User/Jacob_François]

*Transcriptional regulation of urokinase (uPA) gene expression [Go to |User/Blasi_Francesco]

*Transplantation [Go to |User/Barrandon_Yann]

*Tropical diseases [Go to |User/Zinkernagel_Rolf]

*Tumor biology [Go to |User/Louvard_Daniel]

*tumor biology [Go to |User/Wigzell_Hans]

*Tyrosine phosphorylation [Go to |User/Pettersson_Ulf]

*Urinary proteome [Go to |User/Pettersson_Ulf]

*Virology [Go to |User/Hausen_Harald]

*virology  [Go to |User/Klein_George]

* virology [Go to |User/Montagnier_Luc]

*virology [Go to |User/Montagnier_Luc]

*virology [Go to |User/Norrby_Erling]

*virology [Go to |User/Pettersson_Ralf]

*Virology [Go to |User/Pettersson_Ulf]

*virology [Go to |User/Philipson_Lennart]