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[{Image src='European_Review.jpg' caption='' heigth='255' alt='Europaean Review' class='image_left' link='Acad_Main/European_Review'}]  __The Academia Europaea has published the ['European Review'|Acad_Main/European_Review] (ER) since 1993 on behalf of members and in conjunction with the Cambridge University Press (Since 1998). The European Review is published six times per year. It is a fully peer reviewed international journal.
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ISSN 1062-7987.
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*__Online access:__ Members of the Academia Europaea receive a free subscription for full online access to the European Review and the journal archive. To access the journal, you have to log in at this site. See also [login instructions|Acad_Main/FAQ/Login] if you have lost your password.

*__Hard copies:__ To order hard copy by post, members must download and [complete order form|European_Review_print_order_form_for_AE_members__Nov_2011_.pdf] and send it back to CUP. Hard copy costs 20 pounds Sterling per volume per year (four issues per volume).

*__Archive editions:__ All former issues are available free of charge for members, some older issues are only available in pdf. To access the archive editions, click on the ["Back Issues"|http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayJournal?jid=ERW&fromSocietyAutoLogin=Y] button.

!Editorial Board

Editorial control is in the hands of an independent board. The European Review publishes articles and reviews that will be of broad interest to an intellectual readership, world-wide. Contributions come from academics, professionals and those in public life and address multi, and interdisciplinary issues across the sciences arts, humanities and Letters. The Review provides the AE with a vehicle for publication of articles from sponsored conferences and workshops. The editorial board invites specific contributions and reviews from leading opinion formers world-wide. The review has become available fully on-line from CUP.
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If members are interested in \\
*acting as peer reviewers
*becoming a members of an editorial panel
*submitting proposals for articles or a Focus issue
*submitting a book review etc.
please contact the Editor-in-chief Professor [Theo D'Haen|User/D'haen_Theo] at [theo.dhaen@arts.kuleuven.be|mailto:theo.dhaen@arts.kuleuven.be].
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!Some of the past publications

*[His Fate Was Larger than Himself: Andrei D. Sakharov’s Centenary|Acad_Main/Publications/European_Review/Andrei Sakharov]. An article by [István Hargittai|Member/Hargittai_István], member of the [Chemical sciences section|Acad_Main/Sections/Chemical_sciences] of Academia Europaea, on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Andrei Sakharov.
Published in the European Review.

*Symposium volume ''[Crossing over to the Future: Interdiscplinarity in Research and Higher Education|Acad_Main/Publications/European_Review/Crossing over to the Future Symposium Volume]''.\\The open access volume was published by the Academia Europaea HERCULES group and the Wenner Gren Foundations (Stockholm). European Review, Volume 26 Supplement 2, October 2018.

*[Resilience|Acad_Main/Publications/European_Review/Resilience]. Papers from the 2017 Budapest Academia Europaea General Meeting.\\Volume 27 / Issue 1, February 2019.