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!!25th Anniversary Conference of the Academia Europaea
!16 - 19 September, 2013, Wroclaw, Poland

! [Overview video of conference|intro AE 25 years.wmv] (Done after the conference)
! Short Report on the 25th Annual Conference of ACADEMIA EUROPAEA, Wrocław, Poland, 2013

__Venue__: __Aula Leopoldina and Wrocław Congress Center__\\
__Event date__: __16-19 September, 2013__\\
__Website__: [http://ae2013wroclaw.com]\\
__[Full programme|http:///ae2013wroclaw.com/about-conference/program]__
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The Academia Europaea and the City of Wrocław would like to sincerely thank you for your participation in the 25th Anniversary Conference of Academia Europaea.
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We hope that the meeting provided you with many possibilities for re-establishing personal friendships and for establishing closer cooperation, along with a broader view of the very wide range of issues discussed.
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Thank you for being a part of the Academia Europaea 25th Anniversary Conference – the event provided an important voice in the many discussions addressing issues relevant to the current state of science and scholarship and its future that we hope might result in a more sustainable and responsible research program within the European area. We hope that you agree with us, that the many very eminent and respected panelists and speakers who took part, collectively managed to create an extraordinary event in the very heart of Europe.
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The event would not have been possible without the generous support of the City of Wrocław and of the many external sponsors. We are especially grateful for the precious contribution of the following Sponsors: Cambridge University Press, Heinz-Nixdorf Foundation, The Royal Society, Kungliga Vitterhetsakademien, Sir Ralph Kohn, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Volkswagen Foundation, Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A., and the project „Lower Silesian Centre of Materials and Biomaterials Wrocław Research Centre EIT+”, who acted as our ‘Partner’ for the conference. 
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*__[2013 Erasmus Medal|Acad_Main/2013 Erasmus Medal]__

*__[Burgen Scholars|Acad_Main/Burgen_Scholars_2013]__
**[Plenary Session Speakers|Acad_Main/Plenary_Conferences/Wroclaw_2013/Plenary Session Speakers]
**[Parallel Session Speakers|Acad_Main/Plenary_Conferences/Wroclaw_2013/Parallel Session Speakers]
**[AE-Letters Session Speakers|Acad_Main/Plenary_Conferences/Wroclaw_2013/AE-Letters Session Speakers]
*__Accompanying events__
**[The Wrocław Seminars|http:///www.acadeuro.wroclaw.pl]
**[YAE Conference|http:///www.yacadeuro.org/annual_meeting/2013.htm]
**[ALLEA Board Meeting|http:///allea.org/Pages/ALL/33/519.bGFuZz1FTkc.html]
**[Opening Ceremony|Acad_Main/Plenary_Conferences/Wroclaw_2013/Opening Ceremony]
**[Gala Dinner|Acad_Main/Plenary_Conferences/Wroclaw_2013/Gala Dinner]
**[New Members|Acad_Main/Plenary_Conferences/Wroclaw_2013/New Members]
*[Programme|Programme_WROCLAW_2013__version_20_August__2013.pdf](August 20, 2013)
*[Conference flyer|Academia_Europaea_PosterA4.pdf]
*[Folder of the conference|00Wroclaw.jpg]