!!Bergen and Social Events

Bergen with some 255.000 inhabitants is the second largest city in Norway, and from its location it is the most beautiful one, marred a bit by rain on two out of three days (“capital of rainfall”). It received city status already in 1070, but the settlement goes back much longer.\\

It was the royal residence for a while and  became Hansa-city around 1330. German influence was dominant till around 1600.

It houses many museums, a philharmonic orchestra, universities, nice restaurants and bars,  and both beautiful old and new buildings. For a tourist as surprise come the many fountains and such, as if there were not already enough water all around!

Seven “house-mountains” frame the city, and the top of two can be reached by a cable car or funiclular. The funicular has its base station only 150 m away from the central market-place Torget and the interesting fish market.  With it one reaches the top of the Floyen (320 m altitude) in a few minutes.  Of course this offers remarkable panoramic views (and a restaurant provides shelter if a shower is just coming down), but most remarkable is the large number of trails that lead within minutes into beautiful rainforests. Those who want to get up still higher take the cable car up Ulriken to an altitude of 620 m and spectacular views.  

Bergen is located on deep bays sheltering it form the wild oceans. The main bay Vagen which dominates the inner part of the city has some of the oldest buildings on its North shore.

Among them is the fortification Rosenkrantztarnet, and close to it the older Hakonen-Hall (built in 1261) with a  36 by 16 m main hall,  where the reception took place on Tuesday, Sept.12, with a lavish buffet and lots to drink…in a country where a medium priced bottle of wine in a restaurant is above 50 Euros this was lavish indeed. We were welcomed by speeches, the first by the vice-major, and  lovely music. 

Wednesday evening a concert was arranged in the former house of Edvard Grieg: both the setting and the music were very enjoyable, yet many sections used that evening for a more or less informal working dinner. \\

The festive conference dinner on the last day was arranged in the maritime museum, just ay few steps away form the big museum and the student center where all conference events had taken place. 

By the way, the student center was indeed a nice venue, with good infrastructure and convenient for the breaks, since the Cafeteria offered  quite a sumptuous lunch with a great variety of sandwiches.

There is no doubt that the very nicely arranged lunches and evenings contributed to the success of the conference, providing a pleasant atmosphere to renew old and make new acquaintances. On behalf of all members of Acamedia Europaea and other attendees I want to express our gratitude for generous hospitality.

Hermann Maurer, September 2012\\

P.S.: Our team in Graz has been unable to find the names of all persons on the photos below. If you can help us, do send us names and a description of the picture they belong too (like: second picture in row 4). We also welcome any further pictures you may have taken for inclusion into this small collection.
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[{Image src='P1030897.JPG' caption='Student-Center University of Bergen, where the conference took place'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Student-Center'}]
[{Image src='DSCN5015.JPG' caption='Windows in sitting room in the hotel next to Student-Center (Steen Hotel)' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Windows'}]
[{Image src='DSCN5016.JPG' caption='Sitting room in the hotel next to Student-Center (Steen Hotel)' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Hotel sitting room''}]
[{Image src='P1030653.JPG' caption='David Coates and Jürgen Mittelstrass at pre-conference dinner' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Coates and Mittelstrass'}]
[{Image src='P1030652.JPG' caption='Pieter Emmer, Lars Walløe (President) and Joseph Straus at pre-conference dinner' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Emmer, Walløe, Straus'}]
[{Image src='DSCN5025.JPG' caption='View from Floyen onto Vagen Bay' class='image_block' height='300' alt='View from Floyen onto Vagen Bay'}]
[{Image src='P1030887.JPG' caption='Typical view on Floyen' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Typical view on Floyen'}]
[{Image src='DSCN4990.JPG' caption='Old houses on Vagen Bay' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Old houses on Vagen Bay'}]
[{Image src='DSCN5008.JPG' caption='Typical View of Bergen rooftops' class='image_block' height='300' alt='View of Bergen houses'}]
[{Image src='DSCN4996.JPG' caption='Bergen scene' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Bergen Scene'}]
[{Image src='P1030750.JPG' caption='Vice Mayor welcomes AE in Hakonen-Hall' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Vice Mayor welcomes AE in Hakonen-Hall'}]
[{Image src='P1030749.JPG' caption='Vice Mayor speaking' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Vice Mayor speaking'}]
[{Image src='P1030755.JPG' caption='Listening to speech' class='image_block' height='300'alt='Listening to speech'}]
[{Image src='P1030752.JPG' caption='Ivan Bratko, Gisbert Wuestholz and daughter'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Ivan Bratko, Gisbert Wuestholz and daughter'}]
[{Image src='P1030765.JPG' caption='Music in the King Haakon Hall'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Music in the King Haakon Hall'}]
[{Image src='P1030753.JPG' caption='Mayor after speech and music'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Mayor after speech and music'}]
[{Image src='P1030748.JPG' caption='Mario J. Perez-Jimenez'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Perez-Jimenez'}]
[{Image src='P1030751.JPG' caption='Diána Bánáti (New chair of Applied & Translational Biology)'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Diána Bánáti'}]
[{Image src='P1030758.JPG' caption='Peter Nijkamp (Chair of Economics, Business & Management Sciences)'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Peter Nijkamp (Chair of Economics, Business & Management Sciences)'}]
[{Image src='P1030786.JPG' caption='Ursula Maurer and Dieter Fellner at coffee break'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Ursula Maurer and Dieter Fellner'}]
[{Image src='P1030787.JPG' caption='David Coates wondering who is hiding here'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='David Coates wondering who is hiding here'}]
[{Image src='P1030801.JPG' caption='Cinzia Ferrini'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Cinzia Ferrini'}]
[{Image src='P1030788.JPG' caption='Sierd Cloething and Pieter Emmer'  class='image_block' height='300'' alt='Cloething and Emmer'}]
[{Image src='P1030789.JPG' caption='Lunch break! (left Jan S. Vaagen)'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Lunch break!'}]
[{Image src='DSCN5019.JPG' caption='House of Edvard Grieg'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='House of Edvard Grieg'}]
[{Image src='DSCN5021.JPG' caption='Before the concert'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Before the concert'}]
[{Image src='P1030828.JPG' caption='Welcome to the Conference Dinner by Sigmund Grønmo, Rector University of Bergen at the Maritime Museum'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Sigmund Grønmo, Rector University of Bergen'}]
[{Image src='P1030829.JPG' caption='Welcome on stairs leading form exhibition area upstairs to dining area'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Welcome'}]
[{Image src='P1030832.JPG' caption='Listening to welcome speech- Hermann and Ursula Maurer, Dieter Fellner, Lars Walløe'  class='image_block' height='300'alt='Maurers, Fellner, Walløe'}]
[{Image src='P1030833.JPG' caption='During Welcome Speech'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='During Welcome Speech'}]
[{Image src='P1030838.JPG' caption='During Welcome Speech'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='During Welcome Speech'}]
[{Image src='P1030837.JPG' caption='Music before dinner- Reinhard Wilhelm in Background'  class='image_block' height='300' alt='Music'}]
[{Image src='P1030843.JPG' caption='Jan Haaland, Rector NHH gives dinner speech' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Jan Haaland, Rector NHH '}]
[{Image src='P1030844.JPG' caption='During dinner (l.t.r. Lars Walløe, Mrs. Bergsagel, Jan Haaland)' class='image_block' height='300' alt='During dinner (left Lars Walløe, right Jan Haaland)'}]
[{Image src='P1030845.JPG' caption='During dinner (right Anne Gro Vea Salvanes)'class='image_block' height='300' alt='During dinner (right Anne Gro Vea Salvanes)'}]
[{Image src='P1030846.JPG' caption='During dinner (left Sigmund Grønmo)' class='image_block' height='300' alt='During dinner (left Sigmund Grønmo)'}]
[{Image src='P1030847.JPG' caption='During dinner (right Ivan Bratko)' class='image_block' height='300' alt='During dinner (right Ivan Bratko)'}]
[{Image src='P1030848.JPG' caption='Around the table, starting left: Fellner, Leopold-Wildburger, Maurer, Mrs. Nebel, Nebel, Mrs. Wilhlem, Wilhem, Mrs. Maurer'class='image_block' height='300' alt='l.t.r.: Fellner, Leopold-Wildburger, Maurer, Mrs. Nebel, Nebel, Margret Wilhelm, Wilhem, Mrs. Maurer'}]
[{Image src='P1030850.JPG' caption='Eystein Jansen, Slavica Rankovic, Sverre Bagge (l.t.r.)' class='image_block' height='300' alt='During dinner'}]
[{Image src='P1030852.JPG' caption='Lars Walløe' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Lars Walløe'}]
[{Image src='P1030854.JPG' caption='Lars Walløe thanks ladies who did most of the organizing (l.t.r: Prof. Anne Gro Vea Salvanes, Teresa McGovern, Bente Krossøy)' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Lars Walløe thanks for organisational help'}]
[{Image src='P1030827.JPG' caption='Teresa McGovern with flowers' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Teresa McGovern with flowers'}]
[{Image src='P1030872.JPG' caption='Our important crew from London office' class='image_block' height='300'alt='Coates, McGovern'}]
[{Image src='P1030853.JPG' caption='John Tucker and wife' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Tucker and wife'}]
[{Image src='P1030858.JPG' caption='David Coates and Prof. Barbara Wright' class='image_block' height='300' alt='David Coates and Prof. Barbara Wright'}]
[{Image src='P1030859.JPG' caption='Marie Lise Chanin, Ed Noort, Sierd Cloetingh, Pieter Emmer'class='image_block' height='300' alt='Marie Lise Chanin, Ed Noort, Sierd Cloetingh, Pieter Emmer'}]
[{Image src='P1030856.JPG' caption='Sierd Cloething' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Sierd Cloething'}]
[{Image src='P1030870.JPG' caption='John Bergsagel' class='image_block' height='300' alt='John Bergsagel'}]
[{Image src='P1030860.JPG' caption='Why is Sir Roger pointing at the photographer?' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Why is Sir Roger pointing at the photographer?'}]
[{Image src='P1030861.JPG' caption='Prof. André Thomashausen and Mrs. Thomashausen' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Prof. André Thomashausen and Mrs. Thomashausen '}]
[{Image src='P1030862.JPG' caption='Lauren Rogers, Christian Jørgensen, Maja Elstad (Burgen Scholars) l.t.r.' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Lauren Rogers, Christian Jørgensen, Maja Elstad (Burgen Scholars) l.t.r.'}]
[{Image src='P1030866.JPG' caption='Prof. Vaagan and Mrs. Vaagen' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Prof. Vaagan and Mrs. Vaagen'}]
[{Image src='P1030867.JPG' caption='Tamas Csörgö (New Member Physics & Engineering)' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Tamas Csörgö (New Member Physics & Engineering)'}]
[{Image src='P1030871.JPG' caption='Getting late for a few' class='image_block' height='300' alt='Getting late for a few'}]

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