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!Event website: [http://www.buildingbridges-acadeuro.org]\\[Registration|http://www.buildingbridges-acadeuro.org/registration]
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!!November 28th (Wednesday)

__Pre-congress meetings__\\
At the Institute for Catalan Studies (IEC, C/Carme 47) and the National Council for Research (CSIC) Residence (c/ Hospital 64)
\\ \\
__Morning (at the IEC)__ 
\\ \\
__09.00 h. -18.00 h.__ Documents delivery
\\ \\
__10.00 h-11.30 h__  Section/Class Workshops

__11.30 h-12.00 h__  Coffee Break

__12.00 h-13.00 h__ Section/Class Workshops (cont’d)

__13.00 h-14.15 h__ Lunch Break

!Section/Class Workshops
— Scientific coordinator: [Alexander Fidora|Member/Fidora_Alexander] (ICREA-UAB)

!Class A1

''__Post-imperial Europe: The Challenge of Compartmentalization __''

— __Chairperson:__ [Vladimir Biti|Member/Biti_Vladimir] (Shanghai)\\
— __Speakers:__
\\ \\
[Biti, Vladimir|Member/Biti_Vladimir] (Shanghai): ''Post-imperial Europe and Transborder Communities'' \\
[Daković, Nevena|Member/Dakovic_Nevena] (Belgrade): ''Belgrade in-between the Wars: Imperial Shadows on the Screen'' \\
[D’haen, Theo|Member/D'haen_Theo] (Leuven): ''Post- and Future-Imperial Europe(s)'' \\
[He, Chengzhou|Member/He_Chengzhou] (Nanjing): ''Theater as “an Encounter”: Jerzy Grotowski’s Cosmopolitanism'' \\
[Hutchinson, Ben|Member/Hutchinson_Ben] (Kent): ''Empires of the Mind: The Emergence of ‘Comparative’ and ‘World’ Literature as Imperial Structures'' \\
[Larsen, Svend Erik|Member/Larsen_Svend_Erik] (Aarhus): ''From Imperial Cracks to Post-Imperial Stress Syndromes'' \\
[Lützeler, Paul Michael|Member/Luetzeler_Paul_Michael] (Saint Louis): ''Robert Menasse’s Novel “The Capital”: The National Factor in the EU'' \\
[Onega, Susana|Member/Onega_Susana] (Saragossa): ''Meeting the Challenge of Compartmentalisation: David Mitchell’s Transmodern History of the World''
\\ \\
!Class A2

__''Social Sciences in Their Global Contexts''__

— Chairperson: [Björn Wittrock|Member/Wittrock_Björn] (Uppsala)\\
— Speakers:
\\ \\
[Mas-Colell, Andreu|Member/Mas-Colell_Andreu] (Barcelona): ''The Economic Sciences in Global Context''\\
[Knöbl, Wolfgang|Member/Knöbl_Wolfgang] (Hamburg): ''Developments in Sociology and Historically Orientated Social Science'' \\
[Randeria, Shalini|Member/Randeria_Shalini] (Vienna and Geneva): ''Role and Relevance of Institutes of Advanced Study in Social Science Knowledge Production Today''\\
[Schnell, Izhak|Member/Schnell_Izhak] (Tel Aviv): ''The Structure of Social Space in a Global Reality: the Case of Arabs in Israel''\\

!Class B (Section B3: P&E) (this Workshop will start at 09.00 h)
''[Inaugural Lectures by New Members of Physics and Engineering Sciences|Acad_Main/Plenary_Conferences/Physics and Engineering Sciences Barcelona Workshop]'' 

— Chairpersons: [Muhsin Harakeh|Member/Harakeh_Muhsin] (Groningen) and [Tamás Csörgő|Member/Csorgo_Tamas] (Budapest)\\
— Speakers:
\\ \\
[Sanjuán, Miguel A.F.|Member/Sanjuan_Miguel_Angel] (Madrid): ''Contributions to Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos and Complex Systems''\\
[Viña, Luis|Member/Vina_Luis] (Madrid): ''Bose-Einstein Condensates in Semiconductor Microcavities''\\
[Krasznahorkay, Attila J.|Member/Krasznahorkay_Attila] (Debrecen): ''On a New Light-Particle Candidate for Dark Matter in High-Energy  Nuclear Transitions''\\
[Wiescher, Michael|Member/Wiescher_Michael] (Notre Dame): ''The Nucleosynthesis of First Stars''\\
[Kalantar-Nayestanaki, Nasser|Member/Kalantar-Nayestanaki_Nasser] (Groningen): ''FAIR and its Impact on Science and Technology''\\
[Maj, Adam|Member/Maj_Adam] (Krakow): ''Exotic Shapes and Collective Phenomena in Excited Atomic Nuclei''\\
[Ordejon, Pablo|Member/Ordejon_Pablo] (Barcelona): ''Frontiers in Materials Modelling''\\
[Fantz, Ursel|Member/Fantz_Ursel] (Garching): ''Large and Powerful Sources for Negative Hydrogen Ions''\\
[Campbell, David J|Member/Campbell_David] (ITER Organization): ''Self-organisation in Burning Plasmas''\\
[Wójs, Arkadiusz|Member/Wójs_Arkadiusz] (Wroclaw): ''Quantum Electron Liquids and Fractional Quantum Hall Effect''\\
[Jajszczyk, Andrzej|Member/Jajszczyk_Andrzej] (Krakow): ''ERC Funding in Physics and Engineering''\\

!Class C

Presentations by Newly Elected Members of Class C\\
— Chairperson: [Alexei Verkhratsky|Member/Verkhratsky_Alexei] (Manchester)

!Meeting of the AE Hubs
__Chairperson:__ [Eystein Jansen|Member/Jansen_Eystein] (Bergen)\\
(At the Ramon Llull Room, 1st floor)\\

!Meeting of the AE Board
__Chairperson:__ [Sierd Cloetingh|Member/Cloetingh_Sierd] (Utrecht)
(At the Puig i Cadafalch Room, 2nd floor)

__09.00 h. - 16.00 h.__ Meetings of the YAE. At the CSIC Residence
\\ \\
__Afternoon (at the IEC)__ 
\\ \\
''__1st part__''
\\ \\
__15.00 h-18.00 h__ (for members of the AE, and from 16.30 h on also members of the YAE)
*General Assembly of the AE
*Delivering of Diplomas to the new Members of the AE and the YAE
''__2nd part __''
\\ \\
19.00 - 21.00 (open to the general public)


__Cooperation vs. Competition. Challenges and Opportunities__

- ''Disputantes:'' __Hervé Moulin__ (Glasgow) vs. __Gabrielle Demange__ (Paris)\\
- Coordinator: __Salvador Barberà__ (UAB)\\
- Open discussion with the attendants
\\ \\
!!November 29th (Thursday)

!BUILDING BRIDGES 2018 (at CosmoCaixa)

For the participants in the Congress and previously registered people from Barcelona.
\\ \\
See the conference website for [full information|http://www.buildingbridges-acadeuro.org]. 
!Download the [programme|Congress-AE-YAE-PROGRAM-21.10-RD.pdf] (23 October, 2018)
!!November 30th (Friday) 
!Post-conference field trip
(A tradition at the AE Congresses; limited to 50 people)\\
All day; from 8.00 h until 19.00 h
*Bus to Banyoles
*Karstic area of Banyoles Lake
*Reception at the Banyoles City Hall
*Volcanic lava flows
*Lunch (with tasting of oils and wines)
*Visit to the Medieval quarter and Jewish quarter (call) of Besalú
*Bus to Barcelona
The post-conference field trip is a tradition at the AE Congresses; limited to 50 people.
\\ \\
!''Barcelona Impressions''
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\\ \\
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\\ \\
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