!Symmetry, Proportion and Seriality: The Semantics of Mirroring and Repetition in Science and the Arts

The panels, which follow the plenary addresses in Sections I, II and III, are
intended as forums for open debate between the panellists and the
audience. The brief outline below is accordingly intended only as an opening
gambit and as a suggestion regarding possible discussion topics.

Repetition is a key element of human perception and of the ways in which we
relate to and give structure and meaning to experience, learning, and
understanding. The phenomenon of repetition highlights questions of
identity and, at the same time, of difference. Repetition self-reflexively
touches upon issues such as iterability in general and is also closely related to
the perception and analysis of sequence and, thus, to phenomena such as
series and seriality, circularity and linearity, reproduction, recursion, and
recursivity. These issues produce complex connections to time and
temporality, which paradoxically accentuate the desire for and the
impossibility of (identical) repetition. In this Section we invite analysis and
discussion in fields including (but not limited to) aesthetics, art history, literary
studies, narratology, and mathematics.
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