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!!Oscar Mencer, CEO, Maxeler Supercomputer Technologies, UK
!“From Big Data to Dataflow Computing”
Von Neuman computers were invented at a time when 1 KB was a lot of data. As we move to processing Petabytes without microprocessor frequencies increasing further, the movement of data becomes the bottleneck. Maxeler has shown how multiscale dataflow computing addresses the energy, cost and speed challenges of the modern era of computing, in application areas ranging from HighEnergy/Weather, Oil&Gas, Finance, Media, and most recently, networking.
Oskar Mencer was born in Vienna, Austria, and holds a BSc degree in Computer Enginnering from the Technion, and an MS and PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Oskar is a member of academic staff in the Computing Department, Imperial College London, and was Member of Technical Staff at the Computing Sciences Center (1127) at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, the cradle of Unix, C, C++, the first transistor, and information theory.
Besides driving the development of Multiscale Dataflow Computing as Founder, CEO and CTO of Maxeler Technologies, Oskar is a member of the steering committee for the Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering at UCL, and was Consulting Professor in Geophysics at Stanford University.
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In 2013, Oskar started OpenSPL ([http://www.openspl.org]), an open standard for a spatial programming eco-system, supported by Chevron, Juniper and CME Group in Chicago.
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Recently, Maxeler installed a large Dataflow computer at the UK government laboratory in Daresbury (and a smaller version in a Chinese government laboratory in Jinan), and Oskar was invited to join a UK government committee developing a recommendation for future investment into software infrastructure for High Performance Computing.
Over the years, Oskar gave a series of keynotes on three continents, served on numerous program committees, received two Best Paper Awards, a diploma as an entry level Austrian skiing instructor, an Imperial College Research Excellence Award in 2007 and a Special Award from Com.sult in 2012 for "revolutionising the world of computers".