!!Signing of the agreement between Academia Europaea and the Young Academy of Europe (YAE)
[{Image src='barcelona_2012_Mischke_Walloe.jpg' caption='Andre Mischke and [Lars Walløe|User/Walløe_Lars] sign the agreement' height='300' alt='Andre Mischke, Lars Walløe' class='image_block'}]
[{Image src='barcelona_2012_schaeffer-Mischke.jpg' caption='Dr. Thomas Schäfer, Dr. Andre Mischke (Young Academy of Europe)' height='300' alt='Dr. Andre Mischke, Dr. Thomas Schäfer (Young Academy of Europe)' class='image_block'}]
[{Image src='barcelona_2012_YAE-Sierd.jpg' caption='[Sierd Cloetingh|User/Cloetingh_Sierd] shows flyer of YAE' height='300' alt='Sierd Cloetingh' class='image_block'}]

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