!!Joan Steitz and Giorgio Parisi awarded the 2021 Wolf Prize 

Academia Europaea is proud to announce the award of the prestigious 2021 Wolf Prize to Professor [Joan Steitz|Member/Steitz_Joan], and [Professor Giorgio Parisi|Member/Parisi_Giorgio].
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__Professor Joan Steitz__ who is Sterling Professor of molecular biophysics and biochemistry at [Yale University|https://medicine.yale.edu/lab/steitz] and Investigator at the [Howard Hughes Medical Institute|https://www.hhmi.org], is awarded the 2021 Wolf Prize in Medicine "''for ground-breaking discoveries on RNA processing and its function''". Professor Steitz was elected to Academia Europaea as member of the [Cell and Developmental Biology|Acad_Main/Sections/Cell_and_developmental_biology] section in 2002.
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__Professor Giorgio Parisi__, professor of theoretical physics at the[ University of Roma I, β€˜β€˜La Sapienza,’’|https://www.uniroma1.it/it] and a member of the [Physics and Engineering Science section|Acad_Main/Sections/Physics_engineering_sciences] of Academia Europaea since 2009, receives the 2021 Wolf Prize in Physics "''for ground-breaking discoveries in disordered systems, particle physics and statistical physics''".
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[{Image src='Steitz_Joan.jpg' caption='Professor Joan Steitz' height='300' alt='Joan Steitz'}]
[{Image src='Parisi_Giorgio.jpg' caption='Professor Giorgio Parisi' height='300' alt='Giorgio Parisi'}]

!!Academia Europaea congratulates Prof. Steitz and Prof. Parisi to this outstanding distinction!
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!Wolf Prize

The international [Wolf Prize|https://wolffund.org.il/the-wolf-prize], consisting of a certificate and monetary award of $100,000, is given to outstanding scientists and artists for achievements in the interest of mankind and friendly relations among peoples.