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!!Congratulations to Tony Atkinson on winning the EIB Prize 2015

The Luxembourg-based [European Investment Bank Institute|http://institute.eib.org] has announced that [Sir Anthony B. Atkinson|User/Atkinson_Tony] (Nuffield College, Oxford) will receive the 2015 EIB Outstanding Contribution Award for excellence in economic and social research for his contributions to the field of the economics of inequality. Tony Atkinson in an Academia Europaea member in the “Economics, Business and Management Sciences” section.
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For more information see [http://newsroom.iza.org/en/2015/08/04/congratulations-to-tony-atkinson-on-winning-the-eib-prize]
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“''Tony is a great scientist with important impacts on the real world on all issues of inequality and poverty, in particular on measurement issues,''” said [Klaus F. Zimmermann|User/Zimmermann_Klaus], Section Chair. 
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[Press release|[2015-EIB-PRIZE-PRESS-RELEASE-FINAL-VERSION.pdf], European Investment Bank Insitute