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Since 1992 the conferring of the __Erasmus Medal__ of the Academia is a highlight of the opening session of the annual meetings. The __Erasmus Medal__ is awarded on the recommendation of the Council of AE to a scholar (preferably, but not necessary, a member of AE) who has maintained, over a sustained period, the highest level of international scholarship. The medallist is invited to give the annual Erasmus Lecture during the opening session of the Annual Meeting of the Academia.
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The __Erasmus Medal in 2017__ will be awarded to a scholar working in a field belonging to our
“__A2__” Class (A7: __Behavioural sciences__, A8: __Social sciences__, A9: __Law__, A10: __Economics, business
and management sciences__). In agreement with the decision of the Board, __ALL members of AE
are eligible to nominate a candidate for the Erasmus Medal__ (and the nominations are not
restricted to members of the “relevant sections” [[i.e. in the case A7-A10] only) and the section
chairs will be asked to inform the members of their sections about the nomination.
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You are most welcome to submit a __nomination__ using the [nomination form|Nomination form 2017.docx] via email to [Prof. Gulyás|User/Gulyás_Balázs] at [balazs.gulyas@ki.se|mailto:balazs.gulyas].
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The most important part of the nomination is the “__case for the award__” which should be comprehensive and concise, emphasising the candidate‟s most distinguished achievements and her/his lifetime scholarship in the respective field. If possible, the nomination should be complimented with the CV and the publication list of the candidate as well as a suggested „laudator‟ of the candidate.
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!Read more about the [Medal, the nomination and selection processes, and the former medallists|Acad_Main/Activities/Awards_and_Prizes/Erasmus_Medal].
!!The closing date for the nomination is the 1 October 2016.
[Call for Nomination: Erasmus Medal - 2017|[AE Erasmus Medal 2017 - Call_for_nominations_May2016.pdf] (Last updated May 2016)