Assar Lindbeck

Assar Lindbeck (1930 - 2020)#

Academia Europaea is greatly saddened to announce the death of Professor Assar Lindbeck on 28 August 2020. Professor Lindbeck was member of the Academy since 1989 and a valued member of the Economics, Business & Management section.

Professor Klaus Zimmermann, Chair of the Economics, Business Management section, writes:

Assar Lindbeck is best known for his lasting contributions to macroeconomics, in particular to the insider-outsider theory of employment and unemployment and through his artful analysis of the challenges and benefits of the welfare state. His sharp mind and inspiring personality will be greatly missed.

Professor Björn Wittrock, Chair of the Social and Related Sciences class, writes:

Assar Allardt was one of the first members of Academia Europaea; he became member no 191 of AE in 1989. He was a great scholar, a successful president of the Academy of Finland and a person who in his personal life and appearance always displayed modesty.

Obituary, Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University

Obituary, American Institute for Economic Research ( AIER)

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