!!Albert Shiryaev

On October 12, 2014, Professor [Albert Shiryaev|User/Shiryaev_Albert], an eminent Russian mathematician, member of Academia Europaea since 1990 and member of Russian Academy of Sciences will celebrate his 80th anniversary.
!Prof. Sierd Cloetingh, the president of the Academia Europaea, writes in his congratulatory letter to Prof. Shiryaev,

''Dear Professor Shiryaev,
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It is my pleasure to send you the warmest congratulations from your friends and colleagues in the Academia Europaea. We hope that your 80th anniversary  will be marked well and with all the recognition that your substantial achievements over the past decades deserves.  With a membership number of 865 – you represent one of the foundation stones of our Pan European Academy and family.
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My warmest congratulations and best wishes''
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''Sierd Cloetingh\\
President ''
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!!Academia Europaea congratulates Prof. Shiryaev to his anniversary!