!! New strategic partnership of the Wrocław Hub
!We are happy to announce that the Wrocław Hub has a new local affiliation.
[{Image src='logo-1024x728.jpg' caption='Academy of Young Scholars and Artists' border='1' class='image_right' width='300' alt='Academy of Young Scholars and Artists'}]
[The Academy of Young Scholars and Artists (Akademia Młodych Uczonych i Artystów)|http://akademia.wroc.pl/pl] was launched by the Mayor of Wrocław and Honorary Member of the Academia Europaea, Rafał Dutkiewicz, in 2010. It was the first academy of its kind in Poland. The first members of the Academy were appointed by the honorary board involving: 

*[Prof. Andrzej Białas, President of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, MAE|User/Bialas_Andrzej]

*Prof. Marek Bojarski, Rector of the University of Wrocław

*[Rafał Dutkiewicz, PhD, Mayor of Wrocław, HonMAE|User/Dutkiewicz_Rafal]

*[Prof. Michał Kleiber, President of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2007-2015), MAE|User/Kleiber_Michal]

*[Prof. Tadeusz Luty, Advisor to the Mayor of Wrocław, Academic Director of the Wrocław Hub|User/Luty_Tadeusz]

*[Prof. Maciej Żylicz, President of the Foundation for Polish Science, MAE|User/Zylicz_Maciej].
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Once established by the honorary board, the Academy has admitted its new members autonomously. Academy is 6 years old now and it has 36 members (ordinary and supporting). It is recognized in Wroclaw and Poland as a body gathering young and ambitious people connected by their common passion for science and art.

The Academy of Young Scholars and Artists organizes regular seminar meetings, does publishing, organizes open lectures and conferences on various fields of science. The Academy, as an advisory body to the Mayor of Wrocław, initiates and participates in innovative projects promoting science and art (for example a project concerning a new subject in Wrocław’s schools ''The Language of Machines'', the project ''BioLogic'', logic-critical workshops ''Thorough Thinking'' or puppet animation workshops). 

The Academy members create interdisciplinary research groups (for example psychiatry and computer science, biology and chemistry, fine arts and computer science, philosophy and mathematics) and they run research projects together. Academy’s discussions are as a rule shaped by a multitude of perspectives: they are explorations of unity of knowledge and unity of cognition.

__The Academy of Young Scholars and Artists, since its establishment, has actively and effectively co-operated with Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub. This co-opeartion includes recent action, such as the co-organisation [“The Excellent Science Days”|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Excellent Science Days] workshop which took place in Wrocław between 5-6 November 2015. The aim of the workshops was to demonstrate how to write scientific papers and to publish them in prestigious periodicals like Nature. The members of the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists participated also in the ceremonies of the [Academia Europaea 25th Annual Conference|Acad_Main/Plenary_Conferences/Wroclaw_2013] which took place on 16-19 September 2013 in Wrocław. The operations of the Wrocław AE hub rely on the network of the local young Academy, proving the existence of a common ground for the pan-European and the regional agendas.