!!Academia Europaea - 2015

!Academia Euroapea thanks its members, patrons, institutional sponsors and partners and all visitors of its web site for a fruitful 2015.
!Academia Europaea, the Knowledge Hubs in Barcelona, Bergen, Cardiff and Wroclaw together with Graz Information Centre of Academia Europaea are looking forward to working with all of our members and the Young Academy of Europe in 2016.

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[Barcelona Knowledge Hub|http://barcelona.acadeuro.org]\\
[Bergen Knowledge Hub|http://acadeuro.b.uib.no]\\
[Cardiff Knowledge Hub|http://www.aecardiffknowledgehub.wales]\\
[Wroclaw Knowledge Hub|http://www.acadeuro.wroclaw.pl]\\
[Graz Information Centre|http://www.ae-info.org]\\
[Young Academy of Europe|http://yacadeuro.org]